Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer To Do List

I can't wait for summer to be here.  This year is going to be full of big changes.  I'm ready to tackle all of them head on.

Some of those big changes are going to involve switching things up in our house.

Recently we did a little updating of our hall bathroom.  We took down the towel bar and installed some shelves.  Well, those shelves are still completely empty and the whole room is in need of reorganization.  So that's on the list.

I'm also hoping this will be a summer of purging.  I need to go through all of our closets and get rid of things we don't use and just reorganize everything.  I feel like even though we've lived in our house for over three years, there are still areas that are not well organized and things that don't really have a home.  The main trouble areas:  the laundry room, the craft room/office, and the spare bedroom.  So, basically the places that are all prone to piles.

We're also hoping to do some landscaping/outside work.  The dream is to fence part of our yard so our dog can be outside more and have more space to play.  I also have to do something with my flower beds where our yuccas are planted.  Right now the accurate name for them would be weed beds.  They are out of control.  It's fairly embarrassing.   Also, we got a couple of big pots to put out in front of our house, right now they're sitting empty.  So that definitely needs to be fixed.  I'm hoping for some hydrangeas.  They're my favorite.

The garage needs some major love in hopes that someday my car can fit inside.  This will mean buying a shed for our three lawn mowers....  And getting rid of the broken TV that's been sitting in the garage for longer than I care to admit.

So, let's make an actual list.  I think I need it to be completely broken down so I can cross things off.
Hall Bathroom:
-Reorganize lower cabinet
-Reorganize upper cabinet
-Get creative with some storage solutions.  I'm thinking a cute wooden box to put my make up in.
-Find a couple little cute things (including a clock) to put on our new shelves
Laundry Room:
-Organize, organize, organize!
-Get rid of clutter
-Keep up on laundry (doing much better on this lately!)
Craft Room/Office:
-Get rid of more junk!
-Rearrange furniture
-Get rid of some furniture
-Maybe get rid of desktop computer (that we never use)
Spare Bedroom:
-Clean out the closet
-Donate clothes
Master Bedroom:
-Clean out closet & dressers
-New dressers?
-Paint and hang antlers for jewelry rack
-Serious landscaping/weed removal
-Plant some pretty flowers
-Clean out garage
-Buy a shed
-Build a fence

Whew!  Anybody have a pile of money laying around they want to share?  I'm thinking this whole list may not get done this summer but a girl can hope!  Maybe a garage sale is in my future too.