About Me

Hey, I'm Mary.  I'm so glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet.  You may be thinking Lip Gloss and Flats.... What's up with that name?  Well, here you go.  Lip Gloss and Flats reflects my home design style.  I love a casual and comfy style and that is (hopefully) reflected in my home and my design choices.

My husband and I bought our house in March of 2011.  We searched for months to find a house that was perfect for us.  We finally landed upon a 1970s ranch on about three acres with a pond in the backyard.  It was a foreclosure in need of some serious love.  We were lucky enough to work with a realtor that had the same DIY vision we had, we were able to see past the ugly paint, crumbled sidewalk, and massive amounts of paneling to find our diamond in the rough.  Okay, diamond may exaggerating a little, but it's perfect for us.  You can see Before and Afters in our Home Tour.

So, the past two years have been a serious DIY journey.  We have painted nearly every room in our house, decorated, laid flooring, and so much more.  It's been a serious adventure.  Sometimes I may bite off a bit more than I chew.  I'm pretty sure I know how to do anything, which is not always true, but so far there haven't been any major disasters. 

When we are not working on our house I love to spend time outside with my husband.  We love fishing, camping, and going to the lake.  My husband hunts a lot and I cook whatever he brings home, our freezer is usually stocked with fish, duck, and sometimes wild turkey and deer.  I love cooking, especially dessert.  I also love trying new recipes.

I don't get to spend all my time DIY-ing, I work full time as a school counselor.  And when I'm not working on the house, I love a good craft project.

So, hang out, stay a little while as we continue the journey of transforming our ugly house into a cozy home, with a little flare of course!


  1. Thanks again for the tip about using adhesive primer for painting over paneling! We've decided to keep some of the existing paneling in our new place for now so I was happy that I confidently knew what kind of primer to use when I went to Home Depot! I'm working on posting some pictures soon so you'll be able to see. Cheers, G

    1. I'm so glad that helped! Can't wait to see what you've done!