Monday, February 27, 2012


So on my way to work I drive past the most wonderful donut shop.  Okay, I don't actually drive right by it, but it's close.  If I exit the highway and drive a little ways, it's right there.  And it's wonderful.  I don't stop often, but when I do, holy cow it's amazing.  They have delicious donuts, bear claws, fried pies, donut holes and so much more.  The best thing they make though are sausage rolls.  It's a breakfast sausage (more like polish sausage style) and cheese inside of a plain donut.  I ate two.  They are most definitely terrible for you but I very rarely give in to temptation, but when I do it's totally worth it.  The only thing I can think of that might make the sausage roll is better would be a little donut glaze.  I would like that as an option.  It would be extra tasty.  Kind of like a McGriddle.  Except better.

In other food news, I am in a total cooking slump.  My dinners have been terrible.  I haven't made gross food or anything like that, I'm just out of ideas.  I am tired of everything I cook.  I could live a long time and not eat any more pasta, it's the go to when we're lazy, I am so sick of it.  We're having my in-laws over for dinner this weekend and I have no idea what to cook.  Heck, I don't even know what to cook for dinner tonight.  I'm considering a bowl of Special K Red Berry.  Wait, my husband expects real food for dinner.

We have a rampant flu bug at the school where I work.  That means I stay in my office, hiding from the germs and only drink bottled water (the water fountain might kill me).  I hate buying bottled water.  I feel like a terrible person every time I do it.  I usually just fill up a cup at the water fountain.  And I love drinking water.  It's pretty much all I drink.  But I feel so guilty drinking bottled water that I don't drink hardly anything at work and then I have to drink like a gallon when I get home.  It's ridiculous.  I almost stopped at the gas station on my way to work and got a Sierra Mist with a pump of cherry syrup.  Right now I wish I had.  I wonder how long I need to stay at work before I can reasonably run out for a drink.  My bottle of water from yesterday tastes like old water and I didn't bring another one.

That is one thing I absolutely love about my job -- the flexibility in what I do.  For the most part, I make my own schedule while I'm at work.  Sure I have to be here at a certain time in the mornings but once I'm here, it's all me.  Usually.  Sure there are things that have to be done.  But I can usually do them while I listen to music.  And with my shoes off under my desk.  And since I work with kids it gives me an excuse to decorate my office with fun colorful stuff.  And animal print fabric on my bulletin board.  Hooray.  It's pretty amazing.  

in the office

I am terribly terribly behind.  I write things, email them to myself and then they never go anywhere.  And now I'm playing catch up.  I wrote this the Monday after the Super Bowl.  Sheesh

I am a grown up.  I don't really believe it, but other people seem to.  I am twenty-eight and I have my own office.  I want to say I am wonderfully organized and I have it all together.  Lately I have been reading all these blogs about organizing things.  And it makes me feel a little bad about not being more organized.  But then the counselor side of me thinks these people must have some serious OCD to be that organized.  I mean, I love me some organization but there is a point when you have to say enough is enough.  

Yes, I organized my office on Friday.  I have magazine files labeled for each grade for guidance lessons.  I have a shelf of binders and two shelves of books.  And then I have a shelf that is neat piles of stuff that I don't know what to do with.  I also have little baskets to put my clutter in -- one on my desk for post its and such, one behind my desk for my coffee cup, spoon, and instant caffeine & sugar free coffee, one with random CDs and hand sanitizer (because that goes together) and one with play-do, silly putty, and a couple stuffed animals.  To me, that is organization.  I still have a pile of files on my desk that I am always needing to get to.  I have an over flowing box of things to be shredded and another box of stuff to be filed.  And yet I'm okay with it.  No, I am not nearly as organized as my mom would be, but I'm still more organized than most people.

We had a Super Bowl party yesterday.  I love having people over and I love getting ready for people to come over.  That sounds kind of weird, but I love the excuse to really clean my house and make it look amazing.  It's hard for me sometimes to get the motivation just to clean it, but if I know people are coming over I kick into high cleaning gear.  And it's great.  Cleaning products make me break out though, like really bad and I have to quit cleaning and take allergy medicine.  So I've started cleaning everything with vinegar.  It's fantastic.  I would do a commercial for all the magical cleaning properties of vinegar.  I really clean everything with it -- I have a bottle of vinegar and water that I use in the kitchen for pretty much everything.  Then I have a bottle with straight vinegar that I clean the bathrooms with.  It makes them sparkle.  I even mop with vinegar.  My favorite though -- baking soda and vinegar on the stove.  I have a gas stove so I really hate to use chemicals on it anyway.  But stoves get so gross sometimes with grease or whatever other gross cooking stuff.  So I sprinkle baking soda all over the top, spray it with straight vinegar and wait for magic to happen.  Then you can just wipe off literally any gunk, no scrubbing required.  It's the best!