Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Means Glitter

Snow days are the best.  I mean absolute best.  I didn't get the call that we were out of school until suuuper late, like I was about to get dressed.  So I was of course wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep.  That just meant I got more out of my snow day.  I caught up on all our laundry.  I mean all of it.  And it's even folded and put away.  And I did dishes and got the whole house picked up.  Oh, it was just perfect.

I did do a tiny bit of craftiness.  I decided to dress up a few plain candles.  They were just the basic jar candles.  They needed a little flair.  And I say they're not just for Christmas, glitter is good anytime, right?

I bought nothing new for this project, all stuff I had just laying around.  Um, I even used a partially burned candle...
 So I grabbed my candles, some Frog tape, glitter, and Mod Podge.

 I taped off a straight line for my glitter.  There was no measuring involved, just eyeball it.  I painted on some Mod Podge.  Shook on some glitter.  And just let them dry upside down so they wouldn't stick to the newspaper.  Clever, right?

Once the Mod Podge was mostly dry, I peeled the tape off.  And now they're ready to go.  I probably could've sealed the glitter with another layer of Mod Podge but I personally like to leave little trails of sparkle wherever I go.

Also, I'm linking up over at Hi Sugarplum today with my holiday craft for Holiday Cheer in the Blogosphere.

Anybody else whipping up crafts with what they have on hand?  Man, I love free crafts!  Now I just need to send the candles back to their original spots in our house.  And it's time to start panicking about Christmas presents.  I'm not sure how it got this close to Christmas so quickly.  Eek!

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