Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things I've Finally Finished

I have been in a total DIY rut.  And I've had half finished projects all over the house.  I also have a craft room that is a complete disaster.  I've organized it a couple of times but it never manages to stay organized.  I'm guessing that means the system I have in place doesn't work.  So, over Easter I'm hoping to tackle that business again.

But, the good news is over the past week I've finally completed some projects that have been hanging over my head.  And you're going to have to excuse the horrible pictures, as part of my extreme laziness I apparently couldn't take pictures until after dark...

I made new wreaths for my front doors.  I still had the Valentines ones up until um.... last week.  Oops.  But they're up.  And I'm fairly happy with them.  For the kitchen door, I just wrapped a whole piece of fabric around a wreath and trimmed it out with some ribbon.  I loved the pattern of the fabric and wanted to keep it in tact.  I didn't add anything extra because the pattern was pretty busy on its own.

I also made one for our actual front door.  I grabbed some black and white hounds tooth fabric to wrap my wreath with.  I had planned on making felt flowers.  But apparently I have a huge mental block when it comes to making them.  I like to consider myself a pretty crafty person but felt flowers and I do not get along.  So I finally gave up and made some springy pom poms that I just stuck on with straight pins so I can switch them out later if I want.

And I finally finished painting the inside of our front door!  I may have done the running man in celebration.  I started painting it.... Um, I don't even remember when.  It was on a total whim and I was in love.  But when I pulled the tape off around the door knob and lock, I also pulled off part of the paint.  I never bothered to fix it and my mistake has been staring me in the face daily.  Last night I finally grabbed the paint and a brush and fixed it.  It's so much better now and I don't know why I didn't fix it sooner.

It's funny how sometimes those little projects get put off and they end up making such a huge difference.  And they end up taking no time at all.  What are you guys working on these days?  Anybody else doing a little spring sprucing?


  1. These are cute! What other projects, big and small, are you planning? Hopefully you'll keep us updated on your projects, so we can chime in on what we know. And don't worry about the pics, as long as we can discern what it is, it's more than OK.
    Paul Klassen @

  2. I love the door Mary! What a wow factor!

    1. Thanks Geesha! It definitely took me long enough to get back to finishing. Ha ha.