Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh baby: the first month

I came into this whole motherhood thing without much of a real clue. I never babysat babies as a teen. The closest I came was watching a toddler. So I read lots of articles and asked lots of questions but nothing could have really prepared me.  I love this tiny person more than I could have imagined. I'm also constantly shocked by the things I do now without even thinking. 

I like lists, so get ready for a list of the surprises and things I've learned. 
-childbirth will be nothing like you imagined or planned. And that's okay, get used to it. 
-quit being stubborn and go for the epidural, you're not a damn pioneer woman. It will be totally worth it.  You will wish you had gotten it earlier. 
-bodily fluids are going to be everywhere. No matter your best intentions. If it can come from a baby, it will be on you. Probably all in the same day. 
-You will become shockingly efficient at diaper changes. Except when you're not and pee goes everywhere. 
-buy more than one changing pad cover. Oh the pee. Or throw a cloth diaper down to save the changing pad. 
-nothing may ever go how you had planned it ever again. And guess what, it's okay and you won't even care any more. 
-have a variety of sizes if baby clothes. Even the small ones. Even if you think your baby will be big. You might shock everyone and have a petite little baby. 
-Go with your gut. If something worries you, call the pediatrician. That's what you pay them for. Google is good too, but don't scare yourself. 
-Even if you're 100% planning to breastfeed, have formula and bottles on hand. Remember how things don't always go as planned?
-if you're planning to breastfeed and it doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up, it's really not the end of the world. Even though it may feel like it. 
-stock up on tissues. You may cry at the drop of a hat. Over ridiculous things. Or while cooking hamburger. 
-snuggle the heck out of that baby. They will be the sweetest thing you ever saw. 
-people will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. Screw that, stare at and hold your sweet little one while they sleep if you want. Do whatever makes you happiest. 
-stock up on stretchy pants. Whichever kind you like. You will dress cute again, but now is the time for stretchy pants. 
-appreciate your significant other. They make you crazy but they're also on your side. Hand over the baby, drink a (tiny) glass of wine and go take a bubble bath. You need to take care of yourself too. 

Speaking of taking care of myself, the baby is sleeping so I'm going to go back to staring at her cute little face. And then I'm going to get some sleep myself  

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