Monday, September 26, 2011

things i love that make me feel like an old woman

Bobby pins
I have those "cute side swept bangs" -- they are great in theory.  When my hair is all fixed and cute I love the bangs.  But when I am trying to get work done -- you know, paper work, clean my house, cook something delicious they drive me crazy!  These are the moments I am tempted to grab a pair of scissors and chop them off.  I made the mistake of the blunt cut bangs a few years ago, my husband (boyfriend at the time) was not impressed.  I wasn't either, but it did keep my hair out of my face.  So now I resort to a bobby pin when doing any of the previously mentioned tasks.  Eek!  It is not a good look.  Every time I do it I am pretty sure my granny would be proud, she hated girls with hair in their face and would always offer you a bobby pin.  So if you ever catch me at a hectic day at work or cooking anything, chances are there is a bobby pin or two jabbed in my hair.

Let me be the first to admit I appreciate the invention of Spanx.  I really truly do.  I am a curvy girl, more convex than concave and I need a little help.  However, I am pretty sure they are just a couple of slightly more comfortable steps away from my granny's girdle.  I always buy the Target brand because well, they are cheaper.  I am sure real Spanx are better.  I'm not sure how we all survived before Oprah introduced us.  Anyway.  The other day I put on a Spanx style cami and bottoms.  Well the cami refused to stay where it was meant to be.  So I came up with the perfect solution, ridiculous and embarrassing, but it worked.  I tucked my cami into my Spanx knock off bottoms.  It worked and I swear I looked like I lost like 20  pounds.  Best, most uncomfortable idea ever.

Jello/Fruit Salads
I have suffered lots of mocking for this.  I cannot help it.  You give me a wacky fruit salad and I will be a happy girl.  Watergate salad, the one with Cool Whip, pistachio pudding, pineapple, and marshmallows.  So freakin delicious.  There's another one with cream cheese, lemon pie filling, sweetened condensed milk and pineapple.  Holy cow, yum!  And then there's fluffy Jello, when you mix Jello (usually red with pineapple) with Cool Whip.  I love them all.  I don't care that no one my age still makes or really eats them except maybe at family functions to prevent hurt Great Aunt Fifi's feelings they are absolutely delicious.  Love it.

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