Tuesday, November 8, 2011

leggings, tights, and flats

Okay.  I love leggings.  But only if they are worn with something that covers ones ass.  I also love tights.  But there are tights no one should wear as an adult.  I mean, I am a child of the 80s/90s and I definitely wore black tights with little pink bows all over them.  But, even in my quirkiness, I have the wisdom not to wear super patterned tights.  There is a line that should not be crossed.  You should not wear argyle tights that are black with light grey diamonds and red lines.  Even if they match your red dress.  You will look silly.  Now if the argyle is all black and just a texture or like those cute sweatery tights, those are fine.  Not bright patterns.  Never bright patterns.

Back to leggings.  Something should always cover your ass.  Other than just the leggings.  We are adults people.  I had a teacher in 5th grade who wore leggings and very short t-shirts.  It wasn't pretty.  A sweater dress, a regular dress, a tunic, something.  I do love leggings though.  They make up 1/3 of my favorite winter outfit -- sweater dress, leggings, and some sort of boots.  It's like wearing your PJs to work.  Fabulous.

And flats.  I love flats.  They are some of my favorite shoes.  However, in the rain they suck.  I was at a conference this weekend and the only shoes I wore/packed were flats.  And my feet have been wet since Sunday.  It's gross.  I do not approve. 

I did use all of my shopping will-power though.  I went to the Coach outlet.  And I had a 30% coupons.  And I bought nothing.  I also found a pair of zebra print flats in my size and walked away.  And a cute brown sweater dress that I loved because even though it had black in it, it really needs tall brown boots and I haven't found any I love yet.  So that would've meant I had to wear it with black or with flats.  And as previously mentioned, flats and I are having a fight this week.

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