Wednesday, October 12, 2011

things that make me smile

Middle-women saying "Hey girl!"
I work with quite a few women older than I am.  At least two of them frequently begin conversations with, "Hey girl!"  It never ceases to crack me up.  I mean I'm 28 and I never greet my friends with "Hey girl."  It's kind of cute though.

Finding M&Ms in my purse
This doesn't really happen often.  But yesterday I had bought a bag of peanut M&Ms and dropped them into my bag.  Then I proceeded to forget I had put them there until I went to eat lunch today.  It was a fantastic little treat.

It's finally raining.  We haven't had any rain in at least a month.  Our pond is so incredibly low it's ridiculous.  It did mean though we could pull the old lawn chair out of the pond that some former homeowner had thrown in.  Anyway.  Rain smells wonderful.  Especially in the...  well, anytime except winter.  I love it.

My husband.
Always.  Specifically though because he went to Hobby Lobby to buy me a styrofoam wreath so I could do my project.  My husband is a total outdoorsy guy, not the type to go to a craft store.  So sweet.

Windex wipes
Okay, this sounds weird.  I've had a streak of something down my windshield since last winter.  For a long time I thought it was on the outside.  Wrong.  But I just kept staring at it, forgetting to grab the Windex and go clean the inside of my windshield.  Today I finally got smart and bought a package of Windex wipes for my car.  And I cleaned my windshield.  Then I did what my friend Mandi does, wiped down the whole inside of my car.  Except she always uses Wet Ones, she's a mom, so it's a logical thing she has on hand.  Anyway, my windshield isn't all gross inside anymore.  And that gross spit trickle I get on the windshield from my Garmin is gone.  Hooray.

I'm hosting a thirty-one party on Saturday.  I am known amongst my friends for always having delicious goodies at events.  So I finally planned my menu -- pinwheels (delicious!  called my best friend for her recipe), some kind of dip, and cupcakes.  I'm going to do orange cupcake papers and orange colored icing with a little green candy on top to make them look like pumpkins.  I only wish I could buy half a cake mix.  Who really wants or needs 24 cupcakes most times.  Definitely not me.

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