Friday, February 8, 2013

Must be Magic

It finally happened.  I may have done a little dance.  Last night we got the dresser moved into place, the TV put on top, and all the cords threaded through the holes we cut in the back so that we could put the DVR and Blu Ray player inside.  Amazing! 

And I learned an important lesson.  I do not work well with others.  I've done projects by myself for so long that I am always sure I'm right.  Oops.  Last night I just had to tell myself to shut up and let my sweet hubby, who was helping me instead of watching basketball, figure out how to run all the cables.  I am clueless when it comes to setting up electronics.  We got it done though.  And we still like each other.  And the living room looks amazing.  It's possible I walk in there just to admire our work.

Before we get to pictures, let's do a cost breakdown.  It was so cheap guy, I totally can't believe it.
Dresser  $30
Paint, 2 quarts $20  (and I still have more than half of each left to be used for other things)
Hardware $18  (with two drawer pulls left)
Shelf Board $14 (there's a piece of that left too)
Grand total for a spiffy TV console:  $82
Not too shabby!  Still much cheaper than anything I would've bought.  And it matches our living room perfectly since I painted it myself.  And it has tons of storage space.  That hideous shelf that used to sit by the TV is now sitting in the kitchen waiting to be carried to the basement.  And the coffee table is back where it belongs.

Remember, this is what we started with.  I think it was totally worth my $30..Those legs remind me of Beauty and the Beast.  I don't know why.  They just do.  This is fairly normal for me and furniture.

And this is what we were living with.  The TV on our coffee table.  Ridiculous.
And here she is now.  Please excuse the fact that we were watching basketball when I took pictures.  It was the end of the Mizzou game.  It couldn't be helped.
It's not in the exact spot I want it, but it will work for now.  We're getting new floors soon(ish) so I decided I could live with it there for now. 

Oh, I just love it so much!  I can't wait to load the drawers up with CDs and movies.  And re-alphabetize.  My CDs have become a total mess.  And I love things to be in alphabetical order, it's my favorite.  Where do you store your movies and music?  Do you have a certain organizational system?


  1. Seriously so excited to see it! It looks amazing Mary and not a bad price either!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm still staring at it dreamily. :) And I love cheap!

  2. It looks great Mary! Taking out the two top drawers was an excellent idea!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I love that our DVR & Blu Ray are accessible but not out in our faces. And the turquoise pop of color is just a bonus :)