Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where We Eat

Since our new floor is done, I can't really prolong the inevitable anymore.  Something has to be done about our kitchen table.  Until yesterday, it had never seen the light of day on the internet.  But now that we've seen the true ugliness we can talk about where we eat.

Okay, if we're being honest, this should really be called "Where we pile crap that we're too lazy to put away" but that title is long and cumbersome and not a very attractive description.  Accurate, yes.  Attractive, no.  I'm talking about our kitchen table.  I can honestly say we've used it twice in the past two years we've lived in our house.  Both of those times, it was my mom and me.  Apparently grown up ladies eat lunch at the table, not at the coffee table in front of the TV.  Who knew.  Okay, actually I know better, but we like to watch TV while we eat.

Here's the thing.  Our kitchen table is ugly.  I mean really ugly.  It was free though.  Someone gave it to my parents years ago.  Then, when I needed a kitchen table after college it got passed on to me.  And it was free so I took it.  Even though it was ugly.  I don't have a picture of the table in its original state.  It was all wood.  Ish.  The table top is wood look Formica.  Super attractive.  That means I keep a table cloth on it all the time to hide the ugly.  And it just becomes a dumping ground for everything.  I feel like it was actually attractive it might not get so piled.

When I originally got the table, I painted the legs and the chairs burgundy.  It was back in the days of the pink couch, so it matched.  Now that we're moving into a new era of decorating, it doesn't match.  And really, a burgundy table in a red kitchen is a little too much.

So, here's what I've come up with.  After lots of googling, like a good little blogger, I think I can paint the Formica.   And today I'm home on a snow day, again.  And this is the wet snow that sticks to everything.  I'm so over winter.  Bring on the sunshine and flip flops.  Anyway, let's see a picture of my table.

It's just too much.  So I think the plan is to paint it a nice dove grey.  I picked up a quart yesterday morning. And if I don't like it, it was only like $8 so nothing really lost.  We'll see how it goes.

Please tell me the weather is better in your guys neighborhood.  I'm trying to enjoy my snow day, it just looks too darn cold outside.  I'm going to have to find the motivation to get out from under my blanket so that I can paint.  You can't paint from under a blanket.  So, tell me what your guys kitchen tables look like.  Anybody else keep repainting theirs?


  1. Mary, I am going to x my fingers for you and hope you like the paint you picked out for your table. I bet it will be looking great in no time...but you have to get out from under the blanket! LOL!

    1. I finally got out from under my blanket :) I think I may need a painting snuggie. LOL. I love the grey. I think it's going to be perfect!

  2. Same as Geesha! And I wouldn't mind finding some way to paint from under a blanket with a book! LOL

    We're in the middle of replacing our pub table with a regular table. Now we have a regular table in the dining room (along with our pub table/chairs) but no chairs to go with it. I'm dying to have regular chairs so we can use the new table!!!!

    1. Right! I hate winter, I need warm weather ASAP!

      That totally sounds like something I would do. Good luck finding regular chairs soon! I searched Craigslist forever before I found our dresser for the living room. It's hard to be cheap and have high standards. LOL