Monday, February 4, 2013


I am not a very patient person.  At all.  I want things done now.  I mean, not in a pushy, hateful way.  The lack of patience is usually really with myself.  I'm working on it though.  So, I'm not very patient when projects take a while.  Like this dresser.  It's been in our basement for two weeks.  I'm dying to get it upstairs and get the living room arranged properly.  Because what we're working with right now, just isn't working for me.
We're using that tiny end table as a coffee table.  My husband eats his dinner on it.  And I cringe a little every time.  That table is supposed to be sitting prettily by our big comfy chair, not in the middle of the living room.

But since we bought a new TV (finally) the coffee table is temporarily serving as a TV stand because we didn't have anything else to put it on until the dresser gets done.  So, I am desperate to reclaim my coffee table.  And possibly even more desperate to get rid of that shelf beside the TV.  It's been in our living room practically since we bought our house.  It served a purpose, but it's not attractive.  At all.  

So, you can see why I'm dying to get my dresser done and moved into the living room.  It's painted.  I'm just waiting for the paint to cure so that the TV can sit on top and not ruin the finish.  Arg.  The waiting is killing me.  I think it's coming upstairs tomorrow.  So, it's still sitting in pieces in the basement.
The drawers are all stacked up.  Ready to go in the dresser.  They're going to get filled with with CDs and DVDs.  I'm so excited.  This dresser is magical, it's going to allow me to get rid of two pieces of furniture - that ugly shelf and my leaning CD rack in the office.  

And the drawers got new hardware.  Hardware that is not straight out of the 80s.  That old hardware was rough, I think my childhood dresser had the same drawer pulls.  So, after two trips to Sutherlands (the first drawer pulls I bought were the wrong size, turns out you should measure) we have new hardware that is fresh and current.

And the shelves are set in.  The very nice guy at Home Depot cut the boards for me.  I haven't glued them down.  And I'm not actually sure that I will.  I can't wait to get the DVR and Blu Ray player on to the shelves.  And I love the turquoise inside.  Eek!

So, what projects did you work on this weekend?  Anybody else just waiting for the final pieces to come together?


  1. I got a chuckle out of your side table end table. I have no patience either!!

    Your dresser is going to be amazing. Hope you get it in soon...for your sake!

    I started painting/finishing the kitchen walls Sunday night. Did an extra coat of primer on some parts tonight.

    1. I know, that table looks ridiculous, right! I'm super excited to get that dresser upstairs, even if it means hauling it up by myself.

      Hooray for knocking projects out! I love how much of a difference paint makes!