Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clean in 2013 Update

My motivation is back in full swing.  Which kind of means chaos right now.  We're making serious progress though.  And we're getting ready to make a huge mess this weekend.  More about that tomorrow though.  Today, it's just a little project.  My kitchen drawers.  All three of them.  But it means we're one step closer to Clean in 2013.
Yup, we only have three kitchen drawers.  One of them is still a disaster zone but I have a plan for that.  So I set off on Tuesday afternoon to solve all my kitchen drawer problems.  After striking out at the dollar store I headed over to Walmart.  I spent forever in the kitchen storage before striking upon a silverware tray that would work.  I measured all my drawers before I left, I wanted to make sure I bought stuff that would actually fit.  So, I found a new silverware tray.  But I was still not having any luck for my kitchen utensil drawer.  Then I got the best idea ever, the office supply section.  I found a perfect solution there, it's actually a desk organizer but is multiple pieces that snap together and for way less than similar organizers in the kitchen aisle.  Score!

So, now here's a break down.  I fully meant to take before pictures.  I even had a concrete thought and said to myself "Don't forget to take before pictures."  And then I got home and I was so excited to get started and have pretty drawers that I forgot to take before pictures.  Fail.  But I think it was totally worth it.

So, since there are no before, let's get straight to the afters.  And a break down of my new organization.  It's magical.

First, the silverware drawer.  I picked up a Rubbermaid non-slip expandable silverware holder.  The back part slides out to fill your whole drawer so there is no wasted space.
1.  Measuring spoons
2.  Random small kitchen items.  The filter for regular coffee for the Keurig.  Beaters for the hand mixer (which I  never use).  A wine stopper.  Liquid tablespoon measure.
3.  Long knives that wouldn't fit in the silverware holder.
4.  Weird miscellaneous stuff.  Tooth picks, the blades for our french fry cutter and a roll of tape.
5.  Steak knives
6.  Spoons
7.  Forks
8.  Butter knives
9.  Meat Thermometer and marinade brushes.

I love it so much.  Everything has a space and there's no space to shove weird extra stuff in.  Other than that tiny area on number four.  I did that intentionally though.  I like having a roll of tape in the kitchen.  And that seemed like a perfect little nook for the toothpicks and french fry cutter blades.

And now the utensil drawer.  Despite frequent cleaning out, this drawer is always a disaster.  But now it's all sorted and everything has a specific place.  And once again, not a lot of extra space for extra junk to accumulate.
1.  Rolling pin.  That doesn't need a divider.  It just chills in the edge of the drawer.
2.  Large task specific utensils:  an ice cream scoop, small cheese grater, can opener, and pineapple cutter.
3.  Wooden spoons
4.  Silicon spatulas
5.  Small task specific utensils:  a bottle opener, apple corer, and candy thermometer.
6.  Meat injectors.  Yes, we have a whole container of those.
7.  Tongs and pizza cutter.  Yup, those are just free and easy inside the drawer.
8.  Scissors
9.  Egg slicer
10.  Grease trap for the electric skillet

I try to not buy too many task specific kitchen utensils.  I think it's a waste of space and money.  There are some things that are worth it though.  In hindsight, my whisk is not in this picture, it must have been in the dishwasher.  It's going to go into bin #2 though.  

How's your kitchen organization?  Anybody else stepping outside the box and using other organization to corral kitchen utensils?  I need another cereal box to upcycle into a baggie holder so that I can reclaim my third drawer.  Guess I should go buy a box of cereal....

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