Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On a Big Birthday

Okay, deep breath.  In less than a month, I turn thirty.  Eek!  I'm not sure how I'm almost 30.  I'm pretty sure I'm still like 25.  Anyway, it's a big birthday.  And we're throwing a big fat birthday/labor day party.  So it will actually be a week after  my birthday but we had a family thing come up the weekend of my birthday.  So, for convenience, we moved the party to the next weekend, making it Labor Day weekend.  A long weekend is always a good time for a party.

Along with this being the big 30, I'm also realize I totally missed out on my Golden Birthday.  On my Golden Birthday, I didn't even know that was a thing.  And I was busy having my birthday suck.  Really really suck.  So, to compensate for the lack/knowledge of a Golden Birthday Celebration, we're going to go big for my thirtieth.

Okay, maybe not really big.  But, I've invited loads of friends.  And we'll have a bonfire (unless it's a thousand degrees).  And there'll be some booze.  Let's be realistic, lots of adult beverages.  And delicious food.  I'm pretty excited.

Parties are always weird though.  Especially when you mix together friends from different circles.  So there are my forever friends (you know, the ones who've been around for ages, like since elementary & middle school), my grad school friends, my work friends, my hubby's work friends, and our cousin friends (you know, the cousins we hang out with socially).  So, here's hoping it's a success.

I'm still kind of working out the details.  I know there will be cupcakes as my birthday cake.  I'm fairly sure I'll never be too old for a birthday cake.  And probably a margarita pie.  Yes, a pie full of lime and tequila.  Everything else is up in the air.  Oh, and marshmallow vodka, because I got a bottle on super sale a while back and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make my friends drink it with me.

And I invited our friends via text and facebook.  So I posted this snazzy little glitter fest on facebook because it's the 21st century yo.  

So, how do you celebrate your birthday?  Do you like a big party?  Dinner out?  Lots of presents?  Even though I am practically thirty, I still desperately love my birthday.  Birthdays are the best.

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