Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Primer v Paint

I've been working on painting our hallway for the past week or so.  Why has it taken so long?  I think I've been pouting that I'm not on the beach anymore.  Let me tell you, I already miss the salt water and palm trees.  I'm ready to go back.

Anyway.  So, painting.  I painted the top part of the wall's Benjamin Moore's Ocean Air color matched to the Walmart brand of paint.  It was leftover from painting my office.  And I have decided one thing for sure, I hate priming.  It's so boring.  And unfulfilling.  You have to paint the walls white before you can paint them a nice pretty color.  Blah.
Trimming though, man I am good at trimming.

You can't tell from the pictures, but even trimming, which is the fun part to me, took forever.  Maybe because I kept sitting down to check facebook and drink root beer.

And our hallway is very dark.  The lighting is terrible.  Really terrible.  Like I have to turn on the light in every room down the hallway to try to create better light.  And it's still too dark.  I end up with splotchy patches.  It's so not cool.

Anyway, I finally got the hall primed.  And then I got excited about painting.  Because the actual painting part is fun.  

It's so much lighter feeling in the hall.  I think I like it but I'm not completely sold.  I need to go back and do tons of touch ups.  The roller I used was one we had used before and somehow one side of it was flat so it didn't do the most effective job of painting.  But I think I like it.  

Now I'm kind of thinking I need new light fixtures that are not straight out of the 70s.  I'm heading to the Habitat ReStore tomorrow with my sister so maybe I'll find something good there.  And then hold on to it for a while because there are other projects in the works.

Anybody else hate priming as much as I do?  Or taking forever to do a tiny job like painting due to facebook and root beer drinking?  And now I have lots to do because my parents are coming to visit this weekend.  Also, after a trip to my parents house yesterday (more about that tomorrow) I have a pile of stuff to find a home for.

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