Monday, July 1, 2013


Oh man, I looooove vacation.  I love vacation so much.  We spent a week in Florida with my hubby's family.  A week of eating fresh seafood and laying on the beach with tropical drinks.  So amazing.  I'm so relaxed.  And ready to start house projects up again.  But today, today is all about Florida.  Get ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures.

We flew out last Saturday.  And spent four hours in the airport.  We had a two hour delay plus the two hours early they recommend being there.  Ug.  So, it was about 1 am before we got to the beach house.

Sunday and Monday were spent laying around on the beach.  Perfect.  Laying on the beach agrees with me. We ate lots of delicious food.  Sunday it was a soft shell crab sandwich.  With bacon and avocado aioli.  It also turns out that Florida air does not agree with my hair.  I'd gotten my hair nice and straight and cute before we went to dinner.  As we were walking, I could feel my hair getting bigger and bigger.  Not pretty.  So it was a pony tail for the rest of the trip.  And a hat.

Tuesday we went deep sea fishing.  And by we, me, my husband, my father-in-law, and brother-in-law.  I got sea sick.  And I caught a 45 inch barracuda.  Yup, you read that right, a 45 inch barracuda.  I am a fishing rock star.
Reeling him in.

Still reeling.

Our fishing guide trying to get the fish to where I could hold it for a picture.  Seconds later, the fish slid off my lap and almost off the boat.  Luckily, my brother-in-law saved it.

That is one seriously big fish.  We gave up, the fishing guide helped me hold it.

And of course a funny picture.

My husband caught a 27 inch sea trout.  That is a seriously big trout.

Hanging out on the dock waiting for our fish to be cleaned.

The fishing boat.

Palm trees.  I already miss you.

The rest of the week was just more laying on the beach with tropical drinks and going out for delicious dinners.  One night we cooked the barracuda for dinner.  We also had Spanish Mackerel.  And the sea trout.  So delicious.  We had so much amazing food.  I had oysters for the first time.  Also some super yummy shrimp mac & cheese.  One night we had lobster fondue and conch fritters.  And fresh clam chowder.  I love sea food so much.

And now get ready for some beach pictures.  A lot of beach pictures.
Hanging out in our convertible, getting ready to go hunt for shark's teeth.

Pretty sure I need this car.

Even when it's cloudy, the beach is perfect.

Palm trees while eating pizza.  And garlic knots.

That is possibly a Bubba Keg full of wine....  Nothing wrong with that.

Last day on the beach.  Before the massive sunburn set in.

Some of my sweet in-laws.

So, basically, I love the beach.  I'm kind of sad to be home.  And a little lonely, my husband is back at work.  But our vacation was amazing.  So, what have you guys been up to?  I've missed you!

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  1. Mary, I can hear Heart singing Barracuda! Thats a big friggin fish!
    I am so glad you had a blast in Florida! I loved all your pictures! We missed you too!