Monday, October 14, 2013

Clean in 2013 Revisited

Back in May I declared this the year of getting my house under control.  Well, it's been a very slow process.  I keep getting distracted by life.  No excuses though.  I only have three and a half months of 2013 left so now it's time to get on it.
So we're doing it.  I have this giant mental list.  And there are some serious problem areas that are absolutely embarassing.

First, the spare bedroom.  Also known as where I dump clean laundry and all of my clothes.  The main problem is that when I get home from work/the gym I just dump my stuff in there and never put it away.  So I have an idea.  As soon as I get home from the gym I'm going to put away/put clothes in the laundry.  No more just dumping them.  Then I'm going to re-pack my gym bag.  And I'm going to put up a hook to hang my outfit for the next day.  That way I'm not scrambling around every morning.

Absolute disaster zone.  Yes, that suitcase has been there for... at least two weeks, since we got back from our anniversary trip.  And that is half a pair of legwarmers...

Also, I'm going back to my 4 Cleaning Tips I found and was in love with before.  No love lost, just lazy.  So, we're getting back to those tips.  Because they were amazing.

I'm also going to deal with the mail.  I'm going to try to only touch it once.  When I come in the door mail is going to either get recycled, shredded, or paid.  Which means I have to deal with the giant pile of junk mail first.  I'm seriously dreading this.  I have an embarrassing amount.  So embarrassing that I'm not sure I can show you the proof.  Just trust me, it's bad.  Like mail hoarder bad.

Then the big project.  I'm going to tackle our basement storage room.  I have plans.  Big plans.  This room has two bare bulbs, no actual light fixtures.  So the dream is to install some directional track lighting.  Super hot, right?  But, I'm thinking at least 3x the light bulbs.  And I'm going to install one of those utility lights over the workbench, one that I can plug in.  Why haven't I thought of this before?  And I'm going to paint.  I'm going to paint every single surface.  This room is not finished and all the raw wood and concrete are eating what tiny bit of light there is.  So I'm thinking if I paint all the shelving and the walls it will help brighten the place up.  I'm also planning to paint the floor joists above for some light reflecting up at the ceiling.  And figure out some storage for my husband's hunting decoys.  They are heavy and take up tons of space.

Clockwise from top left:  super dark corner with the workbench, duck decoys, um a tire,
and a metal shelf with creepy spray paint on the wall.  We had never noticed the spray paint until I took this picture.  So creepy!

This is apparently where shoe racks go to die.  And there's an extra sink...

Extra doors...  cabinet doors... duck decoys.... basically a disaster

So, what are your secret horrifying areas?  Anybody else want to tackle your scary rooms with me?

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