Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally finished fall fireplace

Yes, I went there. I needed an alliteration.  But, I finally finished that dang fireplace. It took way longer than I care to admit. But it's done and I used those fake carveable pumpkins from the dollar store, now I won't have to buy new pumpkins for next year.

So I grabbed 5 of the foam pumpkins and 5 of the ceramic ones. They each got a quick coat of spray paint - silver, gold, ORB, or pewter. So I just ended up with a nice variety. I was going to bust out glitter on some of them but I honestly just gave up. I figured the paint was good enough.

And I pulled out my small wooden crate from last year and some larger candle holders to put inside the fireplace since we don't use it for fires.  I also threw a blanket and a pillow in my rocking chair to cozy it up.


  1. I am just loving turquoise this fall - and you really know how to pull it off. Very pretty!

    1. You are too sweet! Thank you! The turquoise was a total impulse and I've just gone with it. And am trying not to become the crazy turquoise lady.