Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work it Wednesday, er Thursday

Sometimes it's really hard to be a counselor.  Yes, sometimes the job is taxing.  But that's not what I mean.  I totally get inside my head and analyze myself and I can't get out.  And it's hard.  Let me explain.

Tuesday I had a meeting after work so I was late getting to the gym.  But I still went.  I only biked 5 miles, but they were seriously the fastest five miles of my life.  I did it in 19 minutes.  Yup, I'm pretty bad ass.  I stopped after my 5 miles.  I told myself I would do more when I got home.  I did not.  Instead I ate two pieces of leftover pizza.  They weren't that good.  And then I ate two honey butter biscuits.  Also, not that good.  And then I felt terrible about it the rest of the night.  And the next morning.

I feel great and I make some progress and then I do something like that and just feel like it's a huge set back.  I tried to start reading some weightloss blogs because I thought it might be some good motivation.  It wasn't.  I just ended up feeling worse about myself.  And my lack of progress.  So, I've decided something.  Work it Wednesdays are not going to be about weight loss but about being healthy and active.  And they may disappear all together.  I just feel stuck.  Maybe it's because I seem to be stuck at one number and it's hard to see progress.  I know I've gotten healthier.  The majority of the time I eat well and feel really good.  My energy is so much better.  And I am absolutely loving going to the gym.  I never thought I would say that.  But I do.  I look forward to it.  So I know I just have to keep pushing through and I'll get past this, just for right now, it's hard.

And all this craziness inside my head is not something I would usually talk about but I had to get it out somewhere.  So, sorry about that.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled (pushed back a day...) Work it Wednesday.

Bike  61 miles
Walk 1/2 mile

Pretty much all I've been doing is biking.  I need to switch it up and add some other things in.  I just love the bike so much.  The goal is to add some a home workout each day.  I'd like to say I'm going to do it in the morning but getting up at 5am is so hard.  But I bet if I could get in the habit it would be just like going to the gym in the afternoon.  And I need to do the treadmill also.  It just doesn't burn as many calories so it seems like a waste to me.  I know it's not, but it feels that way.

And that amount of walking is hilarious.  Absolutely hilarious.  I'm going to have a better relationship with the treadmill though.  I'm still determined to knock out a 5k.

How do you guys stay motivated with eating healthy and exercising?  Sometimes I totally bribe myself.  And I use myFitnessPal.  I do wish it would cheer or something when you hit your 64 oz of water, even though I generally hit a gallon.  I still feel like cheering when I finish that last glass.

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