Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is for...

New front door wreaths.  And cozy blankets and sweaters.  And hot drinks.  Fall has finally hit in Missouri, I am of course being stubborn and have not turned on the heat at our house yet.  The cooler weather meant a bonfire at our house Saturday night while we listened to the Mizzou game on the radio.  And drinking wine out of my Tervis tumbler, classy.
 Our actual firepit kind of bit the dust so we're planning to actually build a brick one, but for now we just keep it classy by making our bonfire in the hole where the fire pit used to sit.  And wine has to go in a lidded cup so my dog doesn't try to help me drink it.

Okay, back to wreaths.  You know I love me some wreaths.  I made a super cute Mizzou-ish wreath for our kitchen door last fall.  I still love it.  It still came back out for fall.

But I  needed a new wreath for our front door.  The first fall we were in our house, I made this wreath.
Kind of sad and not very cute.  It made me think of the 70s.  And the idea definitely looked better in my head than it turned out.  It has since been turned into a different wreath.

Last fall I just kept this wreath up until Christmas.  I thought the black and yellow kind of still worked, Mizzou colors anyway.
But this fall I was ready for something new.  I'd been pinning tons of cute wreaths and my mind was full of fun, cozy looking wreath ideas.

So, I set to work with a straw wreath, a roll of burlap ribbon and some felt.  I'm apparently obsessed with burlap/twine wrapped wreaths.  With flowers on them.  And after.... um.... at least a week, I had a finished wreath.  I finally sat down Saturday night during the end of the football game to finish it up.  I made my poor husband wait for dinner until I was finished.  Then I had it all together and my wreath was too fat to go in my wreath holder.  So I dug around and found some ribbon that worked perfectly.

I didn't end up actually even gluing the flowers on.  I just stuck them on with sewing pins.  Which you can totally see in the centers.  I need to get something to put over the pins.  But overall, super happy with how it turned out.  I keep opening my door to stare.

Anybody else working on making their home (and entryway) super cozy for fall?  I'm feeling the need for more cozy blankets.

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