Monday, October 7, 2013

On Some Future Projects

I have been a total crafting/DIY slacker lately.  I haven't done a dang thing.  It's been time at they gym after work and that's about it.  And I miss my craftiness.  I miss it a lot.  So I'm trying to find a way to do both.  And maybe making a list will light a fire under my buns and get me started doing something.  Maybe.

Or maybe I'll just sit and ponder how the shirt I'm wearing today looks like something my granny would've worn....

So, what am I hoping to work on craft-wise?  I'm so glad you asked.
  • A new fall wreath for my front door.  I hung my Mizzou argyle wreath on the other front door.  And I still have my black and yellow scrap wreath hanging on the actual front door.  But I want an actual fall wreath.  I'm thinking something like this.  But maybe wrapped with burlap instead of the stripes.  And of course bright fall-ish flowers.
  • A gold spray painted jar to serve as a vase for fall/winter.  I'm thinking doing the bottom glitter dipped like this.  The best thing is, I think I have everything on hand to make this so it will cost me zero dollars.
  • I also need to touch up the paint on my front door so I can show it off....  Yet another DIY fail.  Oops.
  • And I'm going to finish my fall mantle.  I've had half finished pumpkins in my floor for the past.... Um, let's be honest, month.
Stay tuned this week, I'm going to knock it all out of the park.  Also,  Work it Wednesday is coming!  And anniversary details.  Saturday was six years of being together and tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary.  So, this is pretty much going to be an amazing blog week.

What have you guys been up to?  Can anybody tell me how to better balance blogging and working out?  Ug, I need help!  And apparently better time management.


  1. Know what you did accomplish today? Making me hungry via Pinterest!!! ;)

    1. Ha ha! Right?! I was apparently in a serious mood for some cozy comfort foods.