Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Six Years Later

I mentioned the other day that this week was my (and my husband's) anniversary.  We got married three years ago today.  Let's back up a bit though.

We went on our first date six years ago, almost to the day.  Actually October 5 to be exact.  It was a great first date too. 
This is not from our first date.  This is from our first camping/fishing trip.

 And this was taken before my then boyfriend moved farther away from me.  We did long distance the first year and a half.

Fast forward some more.  We got engaged the end of February of 2010.  He proposed at the lake behind his parents house.  It was perfect.  We got married at our favorite lake in a shelter house overlooking the water.  We had our reception at the marina resort.  There was BBQ.

Basically our day was perfect.  I mean I wouldn't have changed a thing.  In the three years since, I've finished my masters degree, we bought a house, we bought furniture, we've done crazy home improvements, and I've come to understand that I have the best husband.

Every year for our anniversary we go on a little trip.  The first year we went back to the same area we went for our honeymoon (Branson, MO to be specific).  On our honeymoon we stayed at Big Cedar Lodge, our first anniversary we stayed at.... um, some golf course hotel.  It wasn't nearly as nice as Big Cedar.  Then last year we got smart.  When I met my husband, he lived at a resort at Lake of the Ozarks (they had cabins and apartments).  So we've started going back there.  And it's wonderful.  It's right on the water.  Close to good restaurants.  And on the quieter end of the lake.  Perfect anniversary destination in my opinion.

So, get ready for lots of lake pictures.

Clockwise from top left:  Dinner @ Larry's on the lake, getting ready to watch some Mizzou football, one last lake picture before we left, and fishing on the dock before the Chiefs game.

It's not a lake trip without fish pictures.  On the left, a 13" crappie and on the right a catfish.

No better place to be

Well, except maybe here.  Drinking wine, overlooking the river.  There was also brick oven pizza.

What do you guys do as celebrations?  Anybody else a big fan of trips for occasions?  We're headed back down there in a couple of weeks to celebrate my dad's retirement and my sister's birthday.

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