Friday, June 22, 2012

All on the Table

So on my house wish list has been a table for our front hallway.  Initially I had in mind a nice upholstered bench or a sleek table.  Then I went to a garage sale with one of my friends the other day.  We had planned to go to breakfast (it was probably really brunch, but I refuse to be a "brunch person").  She called me and said, "Hey, I found a good garage sale, want to go?"  So she came and picked me up and we went to this garage sale.  When I was a kid, I never would have bought something at a garage sale in my hometown.  We lived in a small town and it just wasn't something we did.  Anyway, we were in the nice suburbs and had to go.

I hit the mini jack pot.  I got a Tag plate with birds on it, super cute!  It sounds old lady-ish, but it's not at all. I also got a picture frame and a book.  I'm super excited about the book.  My parents house burned down when I was in college and we lost nearly everything -- that meant everything from my childhood is gone.  So while I was at this garage sale, I found a copy of Christian Mother Goose.  It was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.  And now that I've googled it, holy cow!  I got it for a great bargain.  Wow!

So I spent $45 and I got all that stuff.  And some margarita napkins.  And a front entry way table.  You knew I would get there eventually.  It's a wicker cabinet originally from Hobby Lobby and the price tag on the bottom said $149.99.  It's kind of shabby chic.  It's about to get a face lift.  I want it to be less shabby and more chic.  That's going to involve a trip to the store for some spray paint.  But here it is right now.
It is going to look better.  I'm also thinking of new pulls on the front.  It somehow reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.  I think it's the shape.  I originally wanted to paint it turquoise to tie it into the living room built ins.  But, that wall is right next to my pink/zebra print laundry room.  And you can see the cabinet from my kitchen which is a dark cranberry.  I don't want to get too crazy.  I had thought about coral as a nice color to kind of tie it together, but I still think that might be too much.  So now I'm thinking more of a nice bronze/brown kind of color.  Pretty excited to paint it.  

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