Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Clean

I worked at a residential facility for a couple of years. On Saturdays the kids would "super clean" This basically just meant deep cleaning. As the daughter of a teacher, I know this is what summer vacation is intended for. I have slowly but surely super cleaning our house this summer. Today it was the kitchen.

When we bought our house the kitchen cabinets looked like they had never been cleaned. I vowed each summer to clean the cabinets to keep that nastiness from ever happening again. I reorganized cabinets, finished painting trim, and scrubbed the outside of the cabinets. You can never get things too clean, right? 

Wrong! I scrubbed the paint completely off the cabinet by the stove. Sheesh! And I'd already gotten rid of the trim paint brush so I couldn't even touch t up. I know my husband is going to laugh at that one. But the kitchen is clean. And somehow we have FOUR travel coffee cups with no lids. How does that happen?

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