Friday, June 15, 2012

Face Lifts

My house projects haven't been going at the rate I thought they would this summer.  We started staining the deck over Memorial Day.  Well, turns out it's not possible to stain our entire deck in one day.  Before company came over.  Sheesh.  Terrible idea!  I'm still fighting with the deck, so I haven't gotten back to staining it yet.  Next week I will.

I've done a half-assed job cleaning.  I am just loving being home way too much.  I'm trying to get more motivated though.  We're slowly getting there though.

I did do a great project last week.  I was at Lowe's shopping for something to build a fence around the a/c with (our dog ate the a/c cord) and happened upon some Valspar paint sample jars for $3.  I'd been thinking about painting the built-ins in our living room for quite a while.  I already had brown paint at home left over from painting the barnwood door frames into our living, our two front doors, our basement door, and the trim in the front hallway.  I figured if I could just buy the sample of paint and only spend $3 I was in good shape.  So, leaving Lowe's with nothing I had actually planned to buy, I was ready for a good project.

I mean look at these shelves, they are not attractive.  The thought of them was something that attracted me to our house.  I knew they could be better though.  The doors were not in great shape.  They closed off the shelves, making them really dark inside.

So first the doors came off.  Sure, they had to come off to paint the shelves.  They were not going back on though.  Those bad boys were shipped off to the basement for safe keeping, they may return some day for child-proofing purposes, but for now those things are gone.
A coat of brown paint and they're already looking so much better!  I had just enough paint to get the built-ins and the mantle done.  I'm pretty much already in love with my shelves at this point, but I had to run to a meeting.  That meant though that the paint had time to dry and be ready for the accent color on the back wall when I got back.

Turquoise!  I love it!  The back of the cabinets are painted, covering the one last piece of paneling that was left in our house.  It was such a great change!

And it's done.  Not the biggest change ever but I think it makes a huge difference.  Even better, Todd liked it when he got home too. 

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