Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hoarding, deck staining, and other adventures

I am finally conquering my deck project.  I had sworn it off for a while after that day my staining project kicked my ass.  The day I realized it is impossible to stain our deck in one day.  It's a bad idea to try to stain your deck on a holiday weekend when you have company coming over the next day.  Just saying.  I'm back to work now though.  The top deck is practically done.  The steps to the top deck are practically done.  The lower deck has a good start.  Turns out, it's a way better idea to work only a few hours at a time and do it in the morning when it's considerably cooler and when the puppy is asleep so he won't tromp on the wet deck.  Anyway, it looks amazing!  I'm loving it!

In all my procrastination to not do the deck I have been cleaning things.  I've also discovered I have a problem keeping junk I don't need.  When I cleaned out my closets the other day, I got rid of 17 pairs of shoes.  Yes, 17 pairs of shoes.  Today I cleaned out my upper bathroom shelves and got rid of probably at least a dozen bottles of nail polish.  I didn't count and I refuse to go back to the trash can and count but there were a lot.  Also, some gold body glitter gel, an old pair of glasses (so old I don't even remember when I got them), and about 5 bottles of lotion.  I can't wait to throw more away.

I also finally started painting the trim in our kitchen.  Every time I talk to my mom she asks if I've painted it yet.  Now I've finally started.  All the baseboard trim is done, now it's just time for the ceiling trim.  I could've gotten it done yesterday if the ladder wasn't in the basement.  It's on the agenda for tomorrow.

I am loving this week.  I love crossing things off the list and seeing big projects get completed.  I still need to finish cleaning up the spare room, that really just means a trip to the trash can and a trip to Goodwill.

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