Friday, June 29, 2012

Sleep On It

We went bed shopping yesterday afternoon.  I had in mind exactly what I wanted.  I thought we were on the same page.  I had been talking for months about wanting an upholstered headboard.  So I was surprised when we got to Nebraska Furniture Mart and we had different ideas about the kind of bed we wanted.  I was kind of torn because our dressers are more traditional, kind of Art Deco but I like modern-ish furniture.  Turns out my husband likes more traditional furniture.  We finally found one that was a happy medium.  So now we just have to go back and buy it.
I'm pretty excited that we found something we liked.  I'm even more excited at the prospect of actually having a bed frame.  For the past 6 months (at least!) our mattress has been on the floor.  So it will be super nice to have a bed frame again.

In other news, our dog threw up on the couch in the basement last night.  Ug.  I had just made a rigged up slipcover for the couch.  So I was thankful he at least didn't throw up on the actual couch.  I'm about to head to the store and buy a plastic sheet protector and then make a new slip cover after the couch is covered.  I never realized dogs threw up so much.  Not very impressed.  At all.  Sorry, I know that's gross.

But for my next couch slipcover, I plan on using velcro so I can take it off and wash it, instead of my original method of fabric glue.  Hopefully this will work better.  And be better for cleaning up puppy accidents.

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