Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy House-iversary

This time two years ago we were signing papers and closing on our house.  And what a couple of years it has been.  So, just for fun, I'm going to hit the high points of the past two years.

We've painted 4 of our 5 bedrooms, the kitchen, living room, hallway, all three bathrooms, and the basement.  We stained the deck.  Put down new flooring in three different areas of the house.  Painted half of the outside of the house.  Bought new living room furniture.  Remade a dresser for a TV stand.  Bought two TVs.  Installed two new sinks.  Hung more curtains than I care to count.  Made a bunch of wreaths.  Broke a Christmas tree.  Redesigned the master closet.  Did some major organization overhauls.  Fell in love with making pillow covers.

More than I can even remember.  I wish I had a new, updated home tour to share today in honor of our house-iversary.  Maybe later this week.

After two years I love our house more than I did when we bought it.  Obviously.  It was fairly hideous when we bought it.  And now it feels like home.  Especially after being gone all weekend, I love coming home.  There are definite downsides to home ownership, our garbage disposal sprays water out onto the floor every time you turn it on.  We have more paneling than I would like.  I'm scared of mowing our yard, it's way too hilly.  But all in all, I love our house so much.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a little fun from our mini-vacation.  I love vacation.  I do not love 16 hours in the car.  What did you guys do over the weekend?

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