Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FREE Five Minute Fix

So, I'm totally guilty of finding amazing things on Pinterest and feeling like I need to spend money to recreate them myself.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However, I'm trying to be more conscious of what I choose to spend money on, really I just buy too much crap.  So that's why I was so proud of myself for turning this into a free project.

I pinned this great storage idea this afternoon.  It was going to allow me to clear out a whole drawer in my kitchen.  When you only have three drawers, that's pretty valuable.  The pinned project said it had been done for around $10.  Not bad, right.  Then I realized I could do it for free.  Okay, so here's the idea.

Brilliant, right?!  Why have I never thought of this.  Okay, maybe I had seen it before.  I had pinned a similar idea for cutting boards before.  But I started thinking....  Plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, none of those are very heavy.  Why not just upcycle something I already have lying around.  Something that would be going out in the trash sooner or later.

A cereal box.  And I had some zebra print contact paper lying around from a laundry room project.  Both totally free.  And I was so excited about knocking this project out, I didn't take time to stage a pretty picture.  Just working in the middle of my living room floor, finishing watching the ACMs.
A Honey Nut Cheerios box, contact paper, scissors and a pencil.  I just measured and drew a straight line about halfway up the box.  I cut on the line and covered the box in contact paper.  

 I grabbed a couple of push pins and poked them through the box, into the drawer and I had a food wrap storage box.  Pretty sweet.

Ready for my close up!

Seriously guys, five minutes.  And absolutely free.  And now I have a whole extra drawer of kitchen storage. Now I just have to figure out what to put in that drawer.  So excited with my free project!

What are you guys organizing lately?  Any great free & fast ideas?  I think I may have to add a second organizer to my door for plastic bags.  And those cutting boards, I still have plans for them too.


  1. I LOVE this Mary!!! So awesome and it holds those things so well! I'm liking your black cabinets too! Have a great weekend!