Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Bargain, a Cup, and Dinner

We're busy getting ready for our vacation to Florida in nine days so projects have been a little slow around here.  Today I'm getting back to it.  Not with anything exciting though.  It's going to be an extreme day of doing laundry, getting the laundry room disaster under control, and organizing closets.  And maybe a little pre-packing.

So, before I head off into the land or clothing organization a couple of things.  First, sometimes my husband surprises me with sweet little things.  A while back we were at Bass Pro and they had Duck Commander plastic cups.  You know, like the one Uncle Si drinks tea out of all the time.  *If you don't watch Duck Dynasty, you should, it's hilarious.  Well, they had pink cups and I mentioned I would love one.  The other night the hubby had gone to Bass Pro again (it's right by his work, this is a normal occurrence) and said he had bought me something.  And then he showed up at home with this.
My pink Duck Commander cup.  It's fantastic!  Best hubby ever!

Yesterday I was at Target picking up a couple of things for our trip.  When I walked into the store they had clearance alcohol right up front.  And they had the brand of wine I frequently buy.  St. James Winery.  St. James is a Missouri winery that's won tons of awards.  And puts out delicious wines.  It's generally fairly inexpensive like around $6-$8 a bottle.  Cheap, right.  But delicious.  Well, it was on clearance for $2.75.  Score!  So I bought six bottles.  I also picked up a bottle of Pinnacle Marshmallow vodka for like six bucks.   Alcohol wasn't on my shopping list but for that price, it all went in the cart.


Meal planning has been a complete success!  Even with my diet this week, our meal plan has made this week so much easier.  I don't have to scramble around for what to fix for dinner.  And since I had my meal plan when I grocery shopped, I know I have everything I need to fix dinner.  It has been so great!  I am totally loving this.  And since I'm doing this diet, I have my husband's dinner written on the left and my diet foods written on the right.  And I can check off my food days.

Meal plan success!

Anybody else completely stalled out on projects for the moment?  I think it's because my summer vacation just officially started and I'm in the "laying around, enjoying my free time" phase of summer.  Maybe next week I'll be back to being motivated.  Hopefully.

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