Friday, June 14, 2013

Feeling Blue....

Or turquoise.  I have a plan for the hallway.  I mentioned a while back I was considering a gallery wall.  That's still in the works.  And I have picked a wall color.  So, here's what we have going on right now.
Excuse the terrible picture.  There is zero natural light in the hall and it's practically impossible to take a decent picture.  So we have tan walls on both top and bottom.  And there's the switch for the no longer functioning attic fan that will need to be covered up with something.

This is the paint color.  The same color I painted my office.  I just pained a little swatch to see how it looked.  I'm going to need to prime before I can paint because the tan definitely showed through the new paint.  Boo. 

1.  Paint Color:  Ocean Air by Benjamin Moore.  A perfect pale turquoise.  I love it.  I got it color matched at Walmart to just their cheap paint.  I usually use Sherwin Williams.
2.  I love this pattern.  Gorgeous colors.  Maybe framed.  Maybe with words over it....
3.  This art is gorgeous.  Way out of my price range, but gorgeous.
4.  I already picked up this little guy at Hobby Lobby a while back.  He was on clearance for around six bucks.  And adorable.
5.  I love this life is good sign.  I've been eyeballing it at Kirkland's.  But it's not available right now.  I think I have a piece of scrap wood hanging out in my basement I can make it out of.
6.  And this graphic art is fantastic.  Something like this would be super easy to make and perfect to cover up the attic fan switch.

There will of course still be some pictures thrown in also.  Probably wedding pictures.  And maybe a couple of family pictures.  No exact plan for that yet, but I think I have a good start.

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