Thursday, June 13, 2013

Camis and Tanks and Under-shirts Oh My!

Okay, it's a rare two post day.  I'm procrastinating on the laundry.  Really, I just discovered I have a serious problem.  I think I never have the right shirt to wear under things.  Turns out it's really just bad organization.  Really bad.  I have a little shelf-y cabinet-y thing i put all my tank tops in.  And leggings.  And swimsuits.  Logical, right?  Well, it's a disaster and I can't find the bottoms to my red swimsuit, despite pulling everything out.  Anybody know where I put them?

So, now everything is out on the bed.  Swimsuits are sorted into two categories:  those that fit and are going in my suitcase for vacation and those that don't and are being sent to Goodwill.  The leggings are neatly folded in a stack.  They're under control.

The tank tops however, are a serious problem.  I didn't really comprehend just how many I had.  Or the variety of colors until I started refolding.  37.  Yup, thirty-seven tank tops of some variety.  That is ridiculous.  One of pretty much every color of the rainbow except orange.  Apparently I hate orange.  Okay, I do, it's unflattering on me.  Anyway.  Tons and tons of tank tops that spill out every time I open the doors and yet I can never find the one I want.  Oops, I guess it's actually 38.  I bought a new one yesterday.

36 of the 38 tank tops.  They're sorted by style.  I know, I have problems.

So, the real question is, how do you guys sort your tank tops?  Anybody else have a serious tank top buying problem like I do.  I'm considering buying a hanging shoe bag to store them in.  

Also, I'm wearing a pair of my vacation shoes around the house.  You know, to make sure they're comfy.  Or maybe it's because I'm weird and like to wander around in my new shoes....  Either way, super adorable, right!

Okay, back to laundry.  Seriously, help me solve my problem.  How do I store this ridiculous amount of tanks?  Mind you, I already threw a few in the Goodwill pile.


  1. Super cute shoes Mary! I find missing tanks all the time but then I don't want to wear them anymore!

    1. Thanks Crystal!
      LOL! I know, I don't know why I keep all of them.