Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sew Much Fun

I never get tired of bad puns.  Or "That's what she said" jokes.  I just can't help myself.  Everytime I sew something, I make some kind of bad joke in my head.  That spills into a blog post title.  You're welcome.

So, we got new bedding a while back.  And I showed you the varieties of ways I've decorated my room since the time of my obsession with taking pictures of where I live.  I got a new white comforter and put some new art up on the walls.  I was on a mission for specific pillow cases or pillow shams but I couldn't find what I wanted in fabric or already sewn.  So I settled for some yellow pillow cases from Target.  This is what we were working with.
It matched just fine but it just wasn't really what I wanted.  I had a dream.  A gorgeous dream of yellow and grey in the perfect prints that would tie everything together and be perfect.  Well, I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and I found it.  I wasn't even looking for bedroom fabric but there it was, right in front of me.  White and golden yellow chevron.  And grey and white polka dots.  Swoon.  And they were on sale.  I may have resisted doing a running man in the middle of the fabric department.  Well, fast forward about a week.  I finally found time and motivation to whip the fabric into a couple of envelope pillow covers.  Hooray.  This time there was actual dancing because I was in my house where no one could see me or judge my sweet dance moves.
So perfect, right?!

A close up.  I am seriously in love guys.  And somehow I sewed them so that the stripes line up all the way across.  Absolutely perfect.

Anybody else spend weeks searching for just the right thing and then when you've given up, it's right there in front of you?  The same day I found the fabric I also found art work on clearance that I'd been eyeing for months.  It was meant to be.  Excuse me, now I have to go back to staring at my pillows.


  1. Hi Mary, I love how you kept your room neutral. Now you can change it up without having a huge budget. Sew new pillow cases in another color, make a bed-skirt to match and add a little art . . . New Room. I once had a friend with an all white kitchen. Through the years she had collected and made enough curtains, throw rugs and dish towels to change it up with every new season and even a few holidays :) Your room looks delightful, I love the cheerful color that you added.
    Somewhere on my blog, way back a year or so ago, I posted our bedroom redo. I purchased a quilted bedspread, painted our headboard and made a bed-skirt from old blue jeans.
    I'm delighted to have found your blog and I am becoming your newest follower. Please visit and follow me back, I would be honored to have you as a new blogging sister (even though I'm probably old enough to be your grandma).
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Connie :)

    1. Thanks Connie! Always great to have a new. Blogger friend.

      I'm a notorious redecorator so I thought the white was a good way to go for easy and cheaper updates.