Monday, September 9, 2013

A Not So Boring Board

Since I've been on this weight loss journey, I've decided I need a real life inspiration board. A cute one. To post things like a skinny picture and a fat picture, to you know, remind me where I am and where I want to be. Also some little inspirational quotes, my exercise calendar, and my weight loss countdown.

Well my mom got me a Hobby Lobby gift card so Saturday I headed for the city and Hobby Lobby.  I looked around for quite a while, I just wasn't sure what I wanted. A gift card is so much pressure, I always feel like I have to get something really good.

Then I spotted a bulletin board I liked. It wasn't colors or even the pattern I really wanted but it gave me an idea.

I remembered a really cute painting I ad seen on Pinterest. Kind of an abstract herringbone kind of thing.  Like this one or this one.  So I grabbed a medium-ish bulletin board and paint in three shade of pink and coral.  

I spent Saturday night painting my bulletin board. The coral I bought ended up being more orange than I had thought so I just mixed it with some pale pink until it was the color I wanted. Then I just kind of randomly painted and blended colors on my bulletin board until I was happy with how it looked.

Fast forward to Sunday. Herringbone time! I sat down to watch the Chiefs game with my husband (and my roll of frog tape). I started in the bottom left corner and jut eyeballed the pattern. If you're going to try this, be prepared, it's going to take a while. Like about half of a football game. I did take a break for some diet Cranberry Sierra Mist (the true sign of fall at our house) and summer sausage.

One it was taped off, I was ready to make my pattern shine.  I'm not usually into gold but I thought it would be perfect with my color pallet. Pretty sure I made the right choice. So I grabbed my gold spray paint and gave the whole thing, frame and all, a light coat of gold spray paint. And then I ran out :(  So I had to run to Dollar General and grab another can. I got home and gave it a second coat.

I also spray painted some cheap clear push pins gold for a little extra flair. And I figured I already had the supplies on hand, so why not.

After the second coat it was time to pull all that tape off. I would recommend doing this on a day it's not a hundred degrees, I was standing in the shade sweating as much as I did during my workout this morning. Anyway, the tape came off easy peasy.  And this is what I was left with.

I'm super happy with how it turned out. And the whole project came in under twenty bucks. It would've been even cheaper if I had just used paint I already had. I can't wait for it to finish off gassing so I can get it hung up.

How was your weekend? Anybody else tackle a simple project that was crazy time intensive?


  1. I freakin love this! You did such an awesome job on this. I really want one of these. You must have the patience of Jobe. But what a beauty.

    1. Thanks, you're too sweet! It definitely ended up being more work than I imagined but I was so happy with how it turned out.