Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Fashion

Weather in Missouri is feeling like fall, at least for a couple of days.  I'm ecstatic.  I'm not usually too into fall but this year I'm super ready for it.  I'm ready for cooler weather, cozy clothes, bonfires, and cranberry Sierra Mist.  Priorities, people!  I love me some cranberry Sierra Mist.

Anyway, since I didn't buy any new clothes for back to school, I'm planning to pick up a few new things for fall.  I may have accidentally on purpose ordered a couple of new pairs of boots from Payless the other day.  I'm not usually a Payless kind of girl, but I have kind of beefy calves and it's one of the few reasonably priced places that stock extended calf boots.  And I need some tall boots for fall/winter.  So I ordered them in black and brown.  But with a coupon code and buy one get one half, I got both pairs for around 75 bucks.  I call that a serious deal!
These are going to be so cute with skinny jeans and sweaters!  And dresses and leggings!  I cannot wait!  There supposed to be on my porch tomorrow by the time I get home.  Too bad it's supposed to be back in the 80s the rest of the week.  I may just wear them anyway.

I'm also really wanting a chambray button down dress.  Even though every ounce of my being is reminding me that's what my mother wore when I was in middle school.  It's fashionable though, right?  With leggins and boots.  And a big chunky belt.  I'm thinking one of these from Target.
(1, 2)

Also, I'm loving this shirt.  I think.  I might hate it in person.  Or maybe I should just keep losing weight so I can fit in the plaid shirt I already have.  But this one is red.  And red is one of our school colors, we're supposed to wear school colors if we wear jeans on Fridays.  So I could wear jeans and still wear a cute non-school shirt.  I'm going to have to see it in person.

And I really want some gold-ish/bronze-ish flats.  I used to have a pair of kind of gold Skechers flats that I loved.  Remarkable for me because I hate Skechers.  It's just a personal preference, I blame it on working in a shoe store for 4 years.  Anyway, they were the best flats in the world.  They were the perfect color.  I wore them all the time.  Without socks.  Yes, I know I'm gross.  I bought them while I was still in college.  I graduated from college in 2005.  So I'd had them a hot minute.  Last year I finally decided the just smelled too bad and that I had to throw them out.  

Every day when I get dressed, I regret throwing them away.  They were perfect for so many outfits.  Like today:  tan skinny jeans, cream 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a scarf.  I need my gold flats.  I have on cream and blue striped ones, they don't match.  So, if you know of any amazing gold-ish flats that are reasonably priced please tell me!  You will be my best friend forever!  I will bake you a cake!  And give you a giant hug.  And tell everyone how you saved my fashion life.

Okay, the dramatics are over.  What are your must-haves for fall?  Anybody else having the great 90s dilemma with the return of chambray?

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