Sunday, December 16, 2012

And We're Sunk

This is the story of a sink.  A very ugly sink.

Okay, when we bought our house, I loved our bathroom with the green bath tub.  I still do.  It's quirky.  I've just embraced the green and we have what I think is a very cute green and grey bathroom.  However, there were a few things I didn't like.  We had this crazy three way mirror thing going on.  It was ridiculous.  My sister and I tried to take the mirrors down when we were painting.  It didn't work.  So I just pretended I was okay with them.
 We tried prying it off with a table knife, it didn't work.  We gave up.

The other problem was the worn out sink and tarnished faucet.  Apparently my dad had been worrying about the sink.  The finish in the bottom was in pretty bad shape.  You're probably thinking it couldn't be that bad, right?
Okay, maybe it doesn't look super bad from a distance.  But it was.  And if you're paying attention, my flat iron cord is running up to an outlet in the light fixture.  A light fixture I had specially installed for that purpose, there was no outlet in the bathroom.

The sink up close.  Ug.  That is so horrible looking.  And I had just cleaned it.  So, basically it never looked clean.

And that faucet.  Let's be honest, do you really want any part of that?

So, we've established that the sink area was in bad shape.  Holy Moses.  Now, my dad to the rescue.  He loves Craigslist.  And he found us a brand new white counter top/sink for like $50.  Deal!  I measured our old sink and it was the right size so he bought it.  This was probably in October.  I've anxiously been awaiting the phone call telling me they wanted to come and install it.  Well, Merry Christmas to me, they came today and I have a brand new sink.  Woo hoo!

I have no tutorial.  I don't know any of the details.  My mom and I went on a pizza run, stopped at Lowe's for a last minute supply, and watched a Lifetime movie while my dad and husband did all the heavy lifting.  At one point I walked in to check on their progress.  Mary, we broke one of your side mirrors, we're going to have to take it down.  Thank goodness!  So, that meant they took the other mirror down too.  So, now we just have one bathroom mirror like normal people.  

I was happy enough that the mirrors were down.  That was plenty to make me happy.  My dad sent us to buy joint compound so he could texturize the walls where the mirrors had been.  He and my husband neither one realized what they had uncovered behind the mirror on the other side.  An outlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A working outlet!!!!!  Who in the world puts up a mirror over an outlet?  I don't know but now I'm absolutely thrilled to have a working wall outlet in my bathroom.  So, now as soon as the texturzing stuff dries, I can paint the walls and put up an outlet cover.  It's so amazing, I can't believe it.  I just keep walking into the bathroom to check out my new counter top and walls.  I may be a little in love with the bathroom.
 Hello pretty new sink.  We're going to be friends, I just know it.
Walls, drying, waiting for grey paint.  

Hello outlet, I'm so glad you were hiding back there

All in all, a great weekend.  I can't wait to get those walls painted.  And I love that new faucet.  So pretty and shiny.  Like some sink jewelry.  

What projects did you tackle this weekend?  Anybody else discover a missing outlet?  No, just me?


  1. Yay for getting a new sink AND getting rid of the weird mirrors! I can't believe people put a mirror over the outlet!

    1. Ug, I know. When I saw it, I couldn't believe it. Actually maybe I could, things in our house were crazy when we bought it. But it totally made my day. And I'm so glad those crazy mirrors are gone!