Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Wow, 2012 is almost over.  How did that happen?  2012 has been a year of home improvements.  Maybe not quite as many changes as 2011.  But we've settled into a rhythm at our house.  And we've started our second year of marriage.  And I'm finally figuring out how long it takes to get dinner ready.  It's been a great year, I'm looking forward to what 2013 will hold.

So, let's look back at all the home improvements we accomplished over the year.


I painted the basement over Christmas.  We went from dingy cream colored walls to a light celery green.


February is always kind of a lull at our house.  It's too cold to go anywhere.  We've hit total cabin fever.  So there weren't really any major house pictures in February.  We took a little mini-vacation to Lake of the Ozarks and then to Springfield to see Brad Paisley.  


My mom and I landscaped.  We planted flowers, we ripped out tons and tons of weeds.  Our new landscaping was then ripped out by our new puppy in April.  We also got new gutters in March.  And new fascia. 

I also painted the bar in the basement.  I know the picture from January might lead you to believe I painted the bar in January, but it was really over spring break.  I kept making people come over to stare at it, weird, I know.
We went from this

To this!  Such a great change!  The hardware got a coat of ORB.  And we just pretended we liked that green tile.


In April we kept ourselves busy with the sweet little puppy I got my hubby as an early birthday present.  Turns out labs are never calm and cuddly, even as tiny puppies.  I think the only time he was calm was on the drive home.  So, there wasn't much home improving in April but there was a lot of puppy corralling and cleaning up of messes.  He was awfully cute though.

We did manage to install a new mail box in April.  One we got as a wedding gift.  So cute!


I love May.  School gets over in May and the desire to DIY seriously kicks in.  We installed 6 new light fixtures.  Two on our deck, one by each front door, one outside the basement, and a new fixture in our hallway bathroom.

I also refinished three light fixtures.  Two of which were ceiling fans.  We had some doozies of light fixtures in our house.  The most amazing was in our basement.
Before.  Man oh man, that thing is ugly.  And those are the tiniest ceiling fan blades I've ever laid eyes on.

After.  Blades were spray painted and fixture was painted with silver boat paint.

Over Memorial Day weekend we also started staining our deck.  Not the best idea I ever had.  It didn't get done until July.


In June we started work on the outside of our house.  Not big work, but work.  I also painted our mantle and built ins in the living room.
Built ins before.
Built ins after

This month I finally tackled the trim in the kitchen.  After months of my mom's nagging.  And I couldn't figure out why it took me so long to do something so small that would make such a big difference.

I also bought a new table for our front hallway.  I was supposed to meet one of my friends for breakfast and we ended up hitting a garage sale.  I brought home this little gem.
After two coats and two different colors of spray paint and new knobs I had a brand new table.


Man oh man, it was hot in July.  July brought paint with it.  And stain.  We finished staining the deck.  A month and a half after we started the project.  It looks gorgeous.  I love it.  But I hated doing it.  Hated it so much.  My least favorite house project to date.

I also painted the front doors in July.  That old ugly blue is gone.  And bright shiny red is here to stay, until I get tired of it anyway.

We also re-floored the front entryway in July.  We went from ugly, curling up linoleum to nice brown tile.


My mom and I refinished a table.  We also made a faux Roman shade.

We started working on the trim to go up on the outside of our house.  We also started painting the outside of the house.  And that's still not done yet.  Don't judge.


I made some sweet paintings for our living room and bedroom.

And there was more painting outside.  Always more painting.  And I found out I'm allergic to the whole world.  


We took another mini-vacation.  Our anniversary tradition, just a month early.  We went to Lake of the Ozarks and stayed at a the resort my husband lived at when we started dating.

In September I also got super excited about fall and created a fall fireplace.


My elementary kids at work helped make decorations for a Veterans Day Assembly.  I also made some sweet flannel envelope pillow covers.

I made an adorable tray that almost did me in.  Ug.  Seriously.


Oh boy, November brought a mini-series:  No-Clutter-November.  I tackled my laundry room and bathroom cabinet.  The success was the bathroom cabinet.  It's still totally snoop worthy, especially since I painted the inside of it.

I participated in the Fall Pinterest Challenge by making a couple of sweet little wreaths.


Man, in November our TV broke and we were left looking like rednecks.  Bad news, that's how we're still living too, one TV in front of a broken TV.  And in November I went on my first ever duck hunting trip with my husband.

Another friend and I threw a baby shower for one of our favorite friends.  I also made that friend a bunting for her nursery.

I did some fun little projects for Dare to DIY.  I made these fun little glitter candle holders for the Dare to Entertain challenge.


In the third challenge for Dare to DIY I made a homemade project to gift, a sweet little wreath.

In December I pretty much glittered and crafted anything I could get my hands on.  Man oh man, do I love decorating for Christmas.

All in all, 2012 has been great.  I can't wait to see what 2013 will bring.  One thing I know for sure, there will be new kitchen floors in 2013.  Right now there are samples laying all over the place.

So, how bout you?  How was your 2012?  What are you doing tonight for New Year's Eve?  Any great plans for 2013?  We're spending tonight curled up on the couch watching Mad Men with a bottle of wine.  We really know how to live it up.  Have a safe and happy new year!

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