Friday, December 28, 2012

Excuse Me!

We are attending the baby shower of a couple close friends this weekend.  I've become more practical with baby gifts lately.  Maybe it comes from knowing more people with small children.  Anymore, I almost always buy diapers.  I know diapers can get insanely expensive after a while.  So I go for diapers and a couple small, practical things.  The other day on Pinterest I came across some super cute burp cloths.  Just plain old pre-fold washable diapers with some fun fabric sewn on.  Done and done!

I picked up a ten pack of Gerber pre-fold diapers and half a yard of monkey fabric.  I wrongly assumed I could do ten burp cloths with half a yard of fabric.  I had to go buy another half a yard today.  This time I got some cute Mizzou fabric.  I briefly considered something else, it seemed wrong to spit up on Mizzou fabric, but....  I went with it anyway.  The monkey burp cloths didn't come out quite as well, the flannel was a little harder to work with than just plain cotton.  BTW, I washed everything in hot and dried on high to prevent later shrinkage.

Mizzou burp cloths.  All wrapped up and ready to gift.  I failed to take a picture before I wrapped them.

Monkeys!  Okay, seriously, how cute are these!  Just waiting for ribbon.

The monkeys are all wrapped up and ready to be gifted tomorrow.

So, what else did I get?  Well, aside from the diapers and burp cloths, we got them a big package of wipes and a cute little stuffed tiger that has a shocking resemblance to Truman the Tiger, he was on clearance at Target.  Adorable!

The burp cloths didn't really turn out exactly perfectly, turns out diapers are harder to sew than I imagined they would be.  All in all though, pretty happy with the results.

On Monday I'll be back with painting.  I've been working on the bathroom walls today and I'm maybe painting the hallway on Monday.  Haven't quite decided yet.

Do you have a go to baby gift?  Are you a practical or fun gift giver?  Anybody else headed to a co-ed baby shower?

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