Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Overnight we got our first snow of the year.  Snow is not nearly as fun as an adult.  I'm only okay with snow if I don't have to go anywhere and can stay home and be cozy.  Well, I live an hour north of where I work, meaning weather is very different here today than it is at my school.  All the schools right around me are closed due to snow, my school is in session.  But I'm at home in yoga pants and my husband's Eddie Bauer sweatshirt.  I decided the roads were too bad to go out.  There's snow and 45 mile an hour winds.  The perfect reason to stay home.  So I'm home and cozy with a blanket and hot chocolate.
The start to my morning.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows and my phone, waiting for my husband to text that he got to work safely.

My view this morning.  Yes, that's through my sliding glass door with the screen door.  It's too cold to go out.  That just doesn't even look good to me.  Ug.

But, my self-mandated snow day means I have time to make Christmas candy today without having to rush.  I also finished some amazing craft projects last night.  Oh boy!  So, I'll be back later with Christmas candy and recipe.  Now it's time to get our craft on.

So, when you work in a school. it's pretty hard to draw the line at gifting.  I try to stick to a few basic people and then try to reciprocate (to a reasonable point) when other people give me gifts.  So, that's where my first craft comes in.  I had already made some of these but I just made some more.  I've seen the idea on tons of blogs and it's such a cute and easy way to dress up something simple.  I grabbed a pack of bar mops (the terry ones, not the flour sack ones) and some fabric.  The bar mops cost like $5 at Walmart and come in a 6-pack.  Score!  The fabric for the most recent towels came from Walmart, they're the Fat Quarters that cost 97 cents.  I can do four towels out of each Fat Quarter.  The ones I made the other day, I actually bought fabric at JoAnn's so they cost a little more, but still not bad.
These are the towels I made last night.  I got two coordinating patterns of fabric and I'll gift them in pairs like this.  Perfect!

I made these towels with the fabric from JoAnn's.  It was kind of expensive but I loved it so much and thought it looked exactly like my mom.

This next project I'm pretty proud of.  I found a rough idea of how to make them on pinterest.  I got the idea here.  I pulled out one of my own ear warmers and just traced it.  Then I made some giant flowers out of felt and sparkly rhinestone buttons.  And I'm in love.  I used a double layer of fleece for extra coziness.  And the back velcros closed so you don't have to worry about the head band off and on muss.
Grey ear warmer with cranberry flower.  This is my sister's birthday present.  Please ignore the lack of make up, on snow days you don't have to get pretty.

Cranberry ear warmer with a cream flower.  This one's for my mom.  
And my new hair color.  I love it so much.

Anybody else enjoying a snow day?  Or scrambling to finish last minute Christmas present crafts?  Now it's off to laundry and candy making.

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