Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh so Merry

Remember how I said I had promised my husband I was done decorating for Christmas and making Christmas related crafts.  Well, I may have lied.  Not completely though.  Back in.... October maybe (?) Sometime anyway, I bought two of those little wooden plaques at JoAnn's.  The first was for this project. 

The second one I had plans for.  I had seen all these cute Christmas printables and I was going to put my own spin on one.  Like there was one I loved that said Jingle Bell time, is a swell time.  I loved it.  It was super cute.  That's a lot of words to paint though.  So I had kind of tabled the project for a while.

Then I came across the Merry & Bright mantle last week.  And I was in love.  I loved the confetti canvases and I may have already tried those out.  And I loved the Merry and Bright canvas with the lights poking through but I didn't really have a great place for it.  On Monday I realized I just wasn't thinking outside the box enough.  I didn't really have to recreate the Merry & Bright canvas for it to be fabulous.  I could work with what I had.  So last night I whipped my plaque back out.  I'd already put a couple of coats of silver paint on the whole thing.  Then I'd come back and painted the face a shimmery white because I thought I was going to do something different.  Well, the white worked out perfectly.  I printed out the words "Merry & Bright" in a pretty font.  Then I just taped that to my plaque.  I traced around the letters using as much pressure as I could.  That gave me an outline to fill in with my gold paint.  I was super pleased with how it turned out.


It was kind of hard to take pictures of since all the paint I used was kind of shimmery.  But I was so happy with how it turned out.


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    1. Thanks! I spent the whole time doubting myself. Then I was kind of pleasantly surprised with the end result.