Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Minute Gifts

Oh boy.  So I had forgotten about a couple more projects I made this week.  It's seriously been an insane week of last minute crafting.  Teach me to not put things off anymore.  Okay, probably not really.  I finished everything up Wednesday night, I'm just a failure and forgot to blog about them on Thursday when I posted about everything else.  So, this is it until Christmas.

I made one last Secret Santa gift.  I had totally seen it on Pinterest, no original ideas here.  I just used a basic acrylic picture frame from the DG, some scrapbook paper I already had, glue dots, and I picked up some butterfly shaped Post-Its.  I thought it turned out super cute.  It was supposed to be my Thursday gift but since I wimped out because of snow Thursday it's getting gifted today along with the big present.  I kind of want to make one for myself.
Okay, the paper I used is honestly a little country for my taste, but the teacher I was gifting it to likes primitives and her favorite color is purple so I thought it worked.  The tag does actually say her name, it's just blocked out for privacy.

And I had one more homemade present for my sister for her birthday.  Since she was the one that supplied the bottle caps for my bottle cap tray, I thought it was only right that I make one for her too.  I actually like hers better than mine.  I just used a wooden tray from JoAnns.  Since I'd heard horror stories about the wood trays leaking, I caulked all the seams like I did on my first one.  Then I painted it with silver craft paint, I would've like to spray paint it, but it's too cold out for spray paint to dry properly.  And this time I got smart.  I laid all my bottle caps out first to make sure I spaced them properly, there are 63 of 'em if you're curious.  Then I hot glued them down so I wouldn't have any floaters.  I had a couple that didn't cooperate, but it worked so much better than just laying them in and pouring in the acrylic water.  All in all, very happy with the end result.  I may have gone picture crazy....

And if you're paying attention, every single bottle cap is different.  That's a lot of beer drinking.  And a cream soda & ginger ale.  Don't worry, they were drank by multiple people over a long period of time.

So, this is it until after Christmas.  From my house to yours, wishing you a very safe and happy Christmas!  Stay warm and cozy and enjoy your loved ones!  

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