Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Craftier Craft Room

Okay guys, get ready for some truly horrifying before pictures.  And ever worse, there are no beautiful before pictures.  I'm still working on that.  So, I'm warning you.  It's seriously an embarrassing, hot mess.  A true disaster.  While, I'm being honest....  This is not the first major office/craft room overhaul.  And it's because I'm a slob.  Maybe it's more that I'm lazy.  I know, I started working and blogging about this on Monday.  But it's going to be a process.

The problem boils down to me not putting things away.  I am so much more likely to put things away if I have a good, practical storage system.  Like the bathroom overhaul.  It has totally stuck.  It's easy to keep things put away in there because everything has a home and things are easy to put away.  I mean, my flat iron is almost always on the counter, but that's really the only thing out of place.  It gets used every day though and put away for company.

In the office, I go in and grab supplies for a craft project, then I go to the living room to work because the office space is such a disaster I don't want to spend any time in there.  Then when I'm done I just throw my supplies back in, they never get put away.  The desk is covered with bottles of paint and random crafting supplies.  Papers are laying on top of and near the file cabinet, waiting to be filed.  There are books scattered everywhere.  My CD rack (yes, I still have one) is tilting dangerously to the side.  After too many moves and falling over a couple of times, it's not in the best shape.  Don't believe me?  Here are the pictures to prove it.

To be honest, I'd already started working when I took my pictures.  The laundry basket is usually in the closet.  It's filled with yarn.  Yes, that whole basket is full of yarn.  The drawer sitting in the chair is supposed to be in the drawer thingy that has previously lived in the closet.  And please excuse the terribly lit pictures.  Our office is next to impossible to photograph well.  

So, do you have a room that's an absolute disaster?  How do you organize your crafty supplies?  Do you have a great system you want to tell me about?


  1. We've been discussing the possibility of setting aside an area for me to have a craft space too. I wont have a full room, but if I can get a space in our guest room it'll be enough. :)

    1. It's really supposed to be an office. I have just accidentally taken it over for my craft stuff. While I was organizing, I started to feel badly that I have completely taken over the whole main floor of our house. My poor husband is stuck with the basement.
      Good luck finding a crafty spot!

  2. We can do our rooms together Mary!

    P.S. I leave my flat iron out all the time too. Too much of a paint to put away since I use mine everyday too! Plus we don't have any under sink storage in our bathroom.

    1. Hooray! Let's do it. Tackle all this stinking clutter!

      Glad I'm not the only one guilty of leaving my flat iron out all the time. :)