Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lovely Linens

Unrelated to my linen closet...  I truly love my job.  It's amazing.  And fulfilling.  However some days it's also very hard.  Yesterday was one of those days, I came home completely drained in every way.  One of those nights when you want to lay on the couch, wear yoga pants, and have someone bring you something delicious to eat and drink (that doesn't require much chewing because you are too tired to chew).  And watch fluffy TV.

One of those things happened.  The fluffy TV.  Hooray.  Our DVR in the living room died the other day (the second electronic item we've killed lately).  So, no recorded shows.  I hadn't realized how attached I was to the DVR.  But I'm pretty sure after receiving the new one yesterday I may be even more consumed.  We got whole home DVR set up so now I can watch anything on any of our DVRs.  My life is complete.  Happy sigh.

And now back to the linen closet.  I'm in love.  It makes my heart happy to have things pretty and organized.  So, I pulled everything out of the linen closet and sorted it.  A give away pile and stacks for towels, beach towels, things I needed to save but don't regularly use, and blankets.  So, here's how it got reorganized.  Same order as yesterday.
Very tippy top shelf (that you can barely see):  extra kitchen towels (we got a thousand for wedding presents) and quilted table topper
First shelf:  blankets, ones we seldom use
Second shelf:  beach towels (yes, they're all super girly, my poor husband)

Second shelf (again):  Hey beach towels, what's up
Third shelf:  Bright colored towels and hair towels (you have hair towels too, right?  They're smaller and perfect for turban-ing your freshly washed hair)
Fourth shelf:  Blue towels and a basket

5th shelf:  (awkward picture, oops)  Sheets, they're basically sorted by size.  And a sliding drawer full of candles.
Under the shelf:  Extra blankets we use more frequently and extra pillows.

And the best thing is, this project cost me nothing at all.  And I have a good sized bag of stuff to donate.  So my closet is cleaner and I'm doing a good deed.  Double score!  I had dreams of doing small towel bars on the inside of my door for sheets or blankets and baskets to sort the sheets and towels but for now we're going the no money reorganization route.

How do you organize your linen closet?  Are you still holding onto weird random things that you're not sure why you still have?  I got rid of the empty comforter bag in case you were curious.


  1. So nice Mary! I wasn't to go home and organize mine now! Well not really but almost! ;-)

    1. Thanks! Ha ha! I know, it's amazing how just pulling everything out and refolding it can make a difference. Even without spending money for nifty organizing stuff.