Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Bathroom Update

Don't you love it when you imagine a project going super smoothly and then you hit a ridiculous snag.  So, we've been working on the bathroom.  Back in December we installed a new sink and got rid of those ridiculous extra mirrors.  It was magical.  I was in love.  Even without paint, it was a thousand times better.

So I had plans of framing the remaining mirror.  We measured twice, cut once.  We grabbed some trim at Sutherlands and painted in a pretty silver.  Headed to the bathroom, all ready to install the trim.  And it didn't fit.  We of course realized this after we'd already glued up two pieces.  The two pieces that didn't match up.  Ug.  Massive fail.  And then I cracked the mirror.  Even bigger fail.  But the walls are painted.  So I'll still call it progress.
That picture is terrible.  I don't know why.  The green tape is around the outlet to mark off where the cover goes, I need to sand the wall a bit.

Where are we now?  Um, the trim is leaning against the wall and I'm pouting.  I need to trim the offending piece and then the trim is going up.  And I'm going to pretend the mirror isn't cracked.  It'll be fine, right?  I think I can make this work.  I'm going to figure out a way to make it work.  And you'll never see the crack behind the trim.

There is a success story though.  Remember back in November when I organized under the vanity?  Well, it's better now.  Even better than before.  In November it looked like this:
What you may not know though, is that I painted the inside of the cabinet before the big sink install.  Come to find out, the under sink was even grosser than I originally thought it was.  I ended up having to get my little broom and dust pan and sweep it out.  There was that much grossness hanging out under there.  Gravel.  Seriously.  Gravel.  So, after sweeping, it got two coats of white paint.  Amazing.

So at least my organization has stayed in tact.  And most of our projects have gone as planned.  So I guess it's not the worst that the trim didn't turn out perfectly.  We'll get it straightened out eventually and it'll be great.

Non-related.  Since I've quit taking birth control, my face is a disaster.  An absolute disaster.  I have had, at all times, at least four zits on my chin.  It's like I've gone back to my adolescence.  Ug.  I shouldn't complain, I've always been lucky to have very clear skin.  But now the zits are on full blast.  Not cool face, not cool.

Anyway.  Any great projects over the weekend?  Anybody else have a massive failure with trim?


  1. White paint can do wonders! I love the paint color!

    1. I know! Paint can totally transform a room. It's so amazing!
      Thanks! We really struggled with finding the right grey. I thought I had the color picked and painted our bedroom a lighter version of the color. It turned out more blue. So we had to go back to the drawing board. My husband actually picked the color.