Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Linens N Things

With the start of the new year, it seems like everyone is on the organizing bus.  It's really the perfect time of year.  A new year means a fresh start and we (or I, anyway) see a new year as a time to clean out, purge, and get rid of all the clutter.  I am guilty of keeping things I no longer have a need for.  I convince myself that someday I might need it.  So, in 2013 I'm trying to get rid of those things that I don't really need or want.  And I'm trying to get rid of the piles.  Today I decided it would be the linen closet.

Our linen closet is tiny.  It's really big enough for what we need, I just have too much stuff crammed into it.  A lot of that is stuff I could get rid of and never miss.  So, that's the goal.  Pull everything out and keep what we use and get rid of what we don't.  I run into a problem though.  There are some things that have emotional attachments that I want to keep but we don't use.  So I need to find a better solution for those things.

So, here we go with how the linen closet looks right this instant.  Get ready, it's not organized in a logical way.  If a shelf is too full, I'm terrible about just shoving stuff in where it will fit.  It's just not working for me.
On the top shelf:  a quilt and a fleece blanket
On the second shelf:  some towels.  Apparently not very many though.  The rest are in the dryer.
On the third shelf:  a blanket (that we never use), beach towels, and kitchen towels
Third shelf again...
Fourth shelf:  sheets, pillow cases, and a beach towel
Fifth shelf:  a quilted table topper, a microfiber blanket that has holes in it from moving
And in the floor of the closet:  some extra pillows, a basket, a plastic drawer full of candles, an empty comforter bag, and another blanket.

Okay, seriously no order to that at all.  That's all going to change.  I can't wait!  Come back tomorrow to see how she looks then.  What are you organizing in the new year?  How does your linen closet look?  Please tell me it's at least occasionally as messy as mine.


  1. We spent Monday purging/cleaning/organizing our bedroom. It was a horrible mess but it feels so good to get rid of some stuff!! Over a year ago I made some major progress in our linen closet but I definitely could go through again and purge stuff that we still haven't used in the year plus that it has been!

    1. I feel like we could do our bedroom every month. It's always a disaster. We don't have enough dresser space and my husband and I are both guilty of piling clothes instead of putting them away. We're working on it though LOL