Monday, January 7, 2013

January Projects

I'm a huge slacker.  I admit it.  The holidays threw me off a little in blogging.  And my office/craft supply storage is an absolute disaster area.  It's truly embarrassing.  I mean you can barely walk in.  I got a tiny bit of a start on it tonight.  I have one of those cheap-o plastic storage drawer things.  Well, in my cleaning out, I broke two of the wheels.  But I completely emptied one drawer out.  Success!

Where did I put the stuff from that drawer?  Glad you asked!  I had an old two tier lazy susan leftover from our apartment kitchen.  It was just stowed away in our basement with nothing on it.  So I pulled that out and now it's holding all of my craft paint, organized by color of course.  I also stored glitter and glue on the top.  I wish I could say this was an original idea.  It wasn't.  But, it still made me feel pretty clever.  I saw this amazing idea on Pinterest.  Her storage solution actual came from Harbor Freight but I went with what I had.  No sense buying something when I have something sitting around that would actually work.

And I have bigger and better plans for my sad little storage drawers.  First I'm going to yank those wheels off.  Then it's getting the star treatment.  Okay, I don't know if plastic drawers can really get a star treatment, but I'm going to make them prettier either way.  I think we're going to get a coat of spray paint on there first. And then I'm thinking some scrapbook paper.  Like this.

So the office still isn't pretty.  Sadly this is the second office overhaul since we've moved in.  I just need to figure out storage solutions that work.  It's a room I just struggle with.  I suck at putting things away in there. Maybe it's because I know it's not a permanent office/craft room.  Some day it will be a room for one of our kiddos when they come on the scene.  But I need to use it for what it is now and not keep waiting for the future.  Because in the present, it's driving me bonkers.

Anybody else have a serious disaster area for a craft/office?  Any great storage solutions you want to share with me so I can quit closing the door when company comes over?

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