Thursday, January 17, 2013

And it Happened

I'm not sure exactly how.  But somehow I'm all of a sudden done with the great office reorganization.   I thought I still had a lot to do, turns out most of what was left was taking out bags of trash and bags of donations.  Five bags all together.  And I still have a bag of paper to take to recycle.  Sheesh, can we say hoarder?  But man, it feels good to be done.

I didn't end up really even having to buy anything new.  I think I spent a grand total of nine dollars.  Yes, really just nine dollars.  No, it wasn't a complete overhaul.  No, it doesn't look like it's out of a magazine, but it's practical and I think it will be easy to maintain.  So where did I spend my nine dollars?  I bought four mini buckets and five bins from the Target Dollar Spot.  There's still a little styling to be done, but at least the organization is done.

So, in case you forgot, here is the mortifying, I can't believe I am showing you, before picture.

Eek, why am I still showing you that horror?  Last night when my husband got home, he even commented on what a disaster the office had been.  Geez.  So, without further ado....  BTW, I'm still totally blown away that I'm done.  I still can't figure out how it all came together in one last run at it.  I'm not complaining though, because as I finished, the last episode of Glee available on Netflix wrapped up too.  So, here we go.  First I'm going to show you my drawers.  And I just laughed a little because I'm immature.

The drawer of crafty goodness.  What's in the bins?  Beads are in one, clothes pins and magnets in another, and chipboard letters are in the third.  There's also a bag full of more beads (I may have a problem).  And a spindle of CDs that contain wedding pictures, CD sleeves and a calculator.
This drawer is sew much fun!  Ack, I'm terrible today.  This is left over fabric/scraps, a bin of sewing supplies, and a baggie with embroidery floss and buttons.

The newly organized closet.  Sitting in the floor we have wrapping paper, a milk crate with more paper goods, and my ridiculous hoarder amount of yarn.  Up on the shelf are boxes with keepsakes in them.  There's also a box full of ribbon.  And a Rubbermaid full of bottlecaps (left over from those bottlecap trays).  Hanging on a hook in the closet is a bunch of Thirty-One bags.  And hanging on the closet door is a shopping bag full of gift bags.

So, what's in that pink milk crate in the closet?  Big mailing envelopes.  A variety of scrapbook paper.  A ton of card stock.  A card making kit.  And a three hole punch.

The bookshelf.  I have way too many books for the shelf, that's why there's overflow in the milk crate.  Keepin it classy.  On top of the shelf are my ribbon jar and paint storage.  I still think my paint storage is my favorite part of the office.

And a view of the whole office.  So organized and fantastic.

I'm still at that point of walking by the door and being completely in love with my organized office.  It makes me so happy.  What I'm not showing you a picture of is my embarrassing CD rack.  I got it as a gift in college.  It's tipped over a couple of times and now it has a serious lean.  It's pretty bad.  But I have plans for that.  I'm dreaming of a six drawer (or bigger) dresser for our living room to put a new TV on (when we get one anyway).  I'm envisioning storing movies and music in the additional drawers and getting rid of that ridiculous CD rack.  Ug.

So, how are your winter organizing projects going?  Anybody else find themselves all of a sudden done?

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