Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shut the Front Door

Apparently all of the people in TV world have gone on vacation for 4th of July or think we all have.  So that means none of our shows are on this week.  Last night my husband was catching up on sports news online, meaning I had full control of the remote.  We had been watching the Royals beat the Blue Jays but I can only watch so much baseball.  And since it's on practically every night I hit my limit quickly.  Anyway, 10 Things I Hate About You was on.  I love that movie!

I love 90s movies so much.  So as we were watching the movie last night, we were at the point when Cameron and Bianca are in Kat's room, talking about black underwear.  I told my husband that line in the movie was totally why I started buying black underwear.  Pretty sure I'm not the only one either.

Yesterday instead of working on actual house projects like I should have, I was getting my craft on.  So I got the first wreath finished I was working on.  That was over 400 little strips of fabric, over 400 knots tied.  It looks so good though. 
A picture doesn't really do it justice.  It's all black, yellow, and white.  So cute!  And I made one for our other front door.  Yes, we have two front doors, it's weird.  For the second wreath, I just bought one of those beveled styrofoam wreaths.  I wrapped it in twine and added a peony.  I couldn't find twine at JoAnn.  I figured Target would have some.  I figured wrong.  So as a last resort I looked at the dollar store when I went to get drain cleaner.  Amazingly, the dollar store had twine.  So other than my shopping ditziness (I could have bought hemp in the jewelry section) this wreath was so fast to make compared to the other.  And still gorgeous.  Even though my husband likes the other one better.
It's harder to take a picture of that door.  The lighting is never very good.  It's on the east side, that's why there are the weird shadows.  Also, that curtain is white.  The lighting makes it look blue at the bottom.  It's not.

Today I am going to have to be much more productive.  I have laundry to put away and more laundry to actually wash.  And the office is getting organized today.  I set myself a limit -- as soon as Boy Meets World is over, I'm getting to work.  Yes, in the summer I like to schedule my day around what I want to watch on TV.

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