Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mini Vacation

My parents are on vacation so I went down to their house for a few days for some quality sister time.  Movies, eating out, breakfast for dinner, ice cream, a trip to the doctor, and two successful shopping trips.  Fantastic.

So I got shoes.  I love shoes.  I worked at a shoe store all the way through college.  I still buy almost all of my shoes there, even though it's 3 hours away from where we live.  And anytime I try to buy shoes anywhere else, I complain that it's not as good.  So I had a $10 coupon and they were doing buy one get one half -- I spent $30 on two pairs of shoes.  So great!

There was dinner with good friends.  Two of my very favorite former co-workers.  One of them I hadn't seen since I moved (3 1/2 years ago), the other I hadn't seen since our wedding (almost 2 years ago).  It was great to see them.

I went to Dollar General yesterday to buy my sister some 7Up because she was sick.  On my way into the store I spotted a turquoise vase.  It was love at first site.  Yes, love at first site over home accessories at DG.  It's shocking.  But, it was gorgeous.  And cost $3.50.  Yup.  It was meant to be.  I snapped it up without a second thought.  Now it's living on top of our mantle, it may not stay there, but it goes so well in the living room!
Not the best picture ever, but you get the idea.  See why I loved it?  It's so great as an accent piece.  I am going to start working on art tomorrow.  I have some great ideas thanks to pinterest.  I have six canvases laying around the house waiting for new art work.  Right now they're all painted with something, but I'm not in love with any of them.  Updating is in order.  I can't wait!

I have ideas for this.  Or well inspired by this.  Less artistic of course.  When I was figuring out what to do, I hadn't actually clicked on it to see the image larger.  Turns out it is actually a gorgeous textural painting.  Well, I am crafty, not really artistic at all.  But I love the idea of doing a tree with blossoms and using either yo-yo fabric flowers or 3-D scrapbooking flowers.  It's going to go in our hallway to replace a flower I painted that I hate a little more every time I look at it.

Some variation of this is going to go up in our bedroom.  There are a couple of other ideas floating around too, maybe a stencil or something.  But I definitely love the look of tone on tone with the puff paint.  I want it to cover two canvases.  So that takes care of three of the canvases.

I have something kind of graphic with some turquoise in it for the other three canvases to go in the living room.  To hang in a row.  Fingers crossed for extreme craftiness.

In other news, I got the rest of our wedding pictures yesterday.  Yes, I know we got married almost 2 years ago.  And we got half of our pictures back about a month after we got married.  We had been promised all of them so I am ecstatic to have all of them.  I'm getting ready to get busy getting them uploaded.  So that's another project.

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