Friday, July 13, 2012

Lovely Leggy Table

I am so absolutely in love with this table.  I was even at Target today and looked at the one I had originally wanted and I still totally love mine better.  So now I'm sitting in my cozy chair with my new table right next to me holding a Starbucks frappucino.  Oh, life is grand.  And here's my pretty pretty table.
The table I originally wanted.  So pretty.

The table that is now living in my living room.  Even prettier.

Here the table is in its new home.  See how it ties in with the back wall of the built-ins and the pillows.  Love!

And the top view.  There is totally a coaster under my Starbucks cup.

I had originally planned on putting matching paper under the glass for a little fun but the fact that the bottom side of the glass was painted so that ruined my plans.  I kind of like it all painted the same though.  In fact I think I like it better.  I'm afraid it would have been too cutesy.  

When I was at Target this morning I decided to take myself out to breakfast.  Unfortunately there is a limited amount of breakfast choices in my town and where I do my shopping.  There is a serious lack of cute little bakeries.  In my husband's hometown there is an amazing bakery.  And there's a great one in the town where I work.  I'm pretty sure I'm having bakery withdrawls.  Sad.

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